Man arrested after police find mummified remains of mother


Police in Kobe said Friday they have arrested a 61-year-old man after they discovered the mummified remains of his 91-year-old mother at their home in Nishi Ward.

According to police, a neighbor contacted authorities to say that neither the woman or her son had been seen in quite awhile. Firefighters entered the house just before 3 p.m. on Wednesday and found the woman's body naturally mummified, lying on her bed, covered by a duvet, Sankei Shimbun reported.

The woman's son, Katsumi Fujimoto, 61, was not at home at the time of the discovery. Police spotted him walking down a nearby street later that evening and took him in for questioning. The man told officers that his mother had passed away in January.

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Either he had a hard time dealing with her death, or he is collecting her my guess

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How do you live with the stench of a decomposing body????

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Mummifed after three months and only covered by a duvet? Wouldn't she just be rotting and not mummified? Anyway, unless he killed her, why on earth not call authorities to recover the body?

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The air is always dry during the cold months, and this year the dry-air warnings have been being issued until quite late. Being a very old lady she was probably quite dehydrated anyway, and after death her body simply desiccated.

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Honestly. Ew.

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definitely had a hard time dealing with her death. Specially if he had been living with her his whole life.

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Maybe he couldn't afford the costs of a funeral?

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Yubaru, doubt that was the issue. More like this greedy monster wanted mummy's money - sorry, couldn't help it. Like I have said before, you want your pension? Get your butt to city hall once a year (every six months?) or arrange for someone to come and verify you are alive. No verification? No pension.

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This is so bizarre. Like something out of a movie. There sure are some super strange people in this world.

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Something out of a movie based on a book, probably "Mummy, Dearest." But not about Joan Crawford this time...

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Norman Bates, much ?

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"This looks like the work of the Ancient Egyptian mafia," quoted Kobe police.

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This is pretty sick, he was clearly using her to get her pension.

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Mumy Mummie, (some/a lot of/ many )Japanese men seem a bit to attached to their mums. this reinforces " I can't live with out my mumy"

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

I wonder, morbidly what the pro's and con's are to actually planning a responsible but impossible financially sound retirement VS. keeping a petrified parent.

I would have bought some sort of tupperware box and a ventilation fan.

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Japanese burials are not cheap, maybe he didn't had or wanted to pay the money?

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cleo - you might be right.. Plus all the artificial preservatives in our food might have helped the process.

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january? ewwwwww, can't imagine?

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