Man arrested after returning to convenience store to apologize for robbing it


Police said Friday they have arrested a 29-year-old man on suspicion of robbing a convenience store after he returned to the crime scene to apologize.

Katsutoshi Ozaki, a company employee from Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward, is accused of robbing a convenience store in Misato, Saitama Prefecture, on July 20. According to police, at the time of the robbery, he had pointed a knife at the store clerk, tied his hands and feet, and stole 1.75 million yen from the store’s safe. He then fled the scene and had remained at large despite police efforts to find him.

The manhunt, however, changed drastically when Ozaki, apparently regretting his actions, returned to the convenience store at 11 p.m. on Wednesday to apologize to the staff, Fuji TV reported.

The convenience store staff contacted police and Ozaki was arrested on the spot.

Ozaki was quoted by police as saying that he desperately needed money to repay his debts, but was sorry for what he had done and wanted to apologize to the store staff.

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The Japanese criminally insane....truly in a classy in their own. Classy criminal from my POV in NYC on vacation atm.

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The convenience store staff contacted police and Ozaki was arrested on the spot.

Wow! The cops were "on the spot". Rather melodramatic here, the dude did go back, knew he was going to be arrested, unless the cops were at the conbini getting their doughnuts!

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I'm sure the cops are patting themselves on the back over this one.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Hey, at least he owned up to it

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Sounds like a nice person actually except for the knife thing.

4 ( +6 / -2 )

Life is hard. I really feel compassion for this man. I'm sure if he got some mental and financial support, he can be a better person.

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Poor guy! He is not a criminal. He made a bad choice and owned up to it... that is very rare! Criminals do not do such a thing.

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Just another example that life is not as easy as it should be... for a LOT of people these days...

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Good guy , regret it Glad that he did not claim, I was drunk and can not remember

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Ozaki was employed, yet he robbed a store to get money to pay off his debts. I'm curious as to how large the debts were and what they were for?

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yes he want back to confuse and to say sorry. If I was the copper who answer the phone, I would told him to come down to the koban or we come and get you and charge you with resisting arrest also.

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Did he give the money back too or did he squander it first?

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Armed Robbery isn't a misdemeanor. It does seem that his conscience isn't completely obliterated, though. Good on him for having the courage to turn himself in.

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Probably owed the money to yakuza. That's enough to make someone desperate.

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A man with a conscience. Even if it is AFTER he committed a serious crime.

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