Man arrested after shooting at house in Tokushima Prefecture


Police in Tokushima City have arrested a 58-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of violating the Sword and Firearm Control Law for possessing a handgun after he fired the weapon at a house.

Tadashi Akizuki, who lives in Osaka City, turned himself at a koban (police box) at around 5:30 p.m. on Monday after claiming to have shot at a house, Sankei Shimbun reported. When police checked the house, they spotted several bullet holes near the home’s front door. 

Police said the residents were not at home when the shooting occurred. Police are questioning Akizuki about how he obtained the gun and his relationship with the residents.

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Perhaps people are numb to it? - Another ‘drive-by shooting’ where innocents could have been killed !!

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Their damn obsession with guns !!

Oh, wait! It’s Japan ??

Cancel ‘outrage’? - (12:30pm “Crime” story and 0 comments.)

- “he fired the weapon at a house. Poilice spotted several bullet holes near the home’s front door. The residents were not at home when the shooting occurred. Police are questioning Akizuki about how he obtained the gun.” -

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Turned himself in. Fascinating. Remorseful? Or resigned the the fact he'd get caught eventually?

Thankfully no one was hurt.

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So, @ConcernedCitizen 7:45pm, knowing there are ‘laws & consequences’ for ‘having & discharging guns’ was still not a deterrent for deranged persons to ‘get access & cause harm’ to others. Well then, perhaps Japan needs to also develop laws & policies to deal with their ever-increasing number of mentally unstable persons. If these potentially-lethal ‘individuals’ can’t get guns, they still get access to ‘flammables and kitchen knives’.

The point: Japanese government refuses to acknowledge mental health issues and provide inadequate care for persons with such issues.

*- @ConcernedCitizen 7:45pm: “Turned himself in…Remorseful? Or resigned the the fact he'd get caught eventually?” -*

Agreed. - “Thankfully no one was hurt.” - … on ‘this’ occasion.

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The guy who perhaps turned himself in is probably not the guy who did it. He is probably a young underling who will take the hit for a well establish mob figure who lost his cool, and because of the shots being fired he will have to atone for his mistakes because the gang does not want the attention to curtail their illegal operations and because its gun shots that are almost unheard of in Japan the underling will take the hit to keep the investigators heat of the gang.

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There is a story behind this that everyone Japanese understands but no-one discusses. The surface news as reported here is thus virtually meaningless.

The result is that the owners of the house have been warned. They know what what these bullet holes mean. The individual who fired the warning is not important. The message from the group is.

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Edit. One ‘what’ is enough.

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He turned in and chose a shooting probably for getting longer imprisonment and comfortable ‘housing’ and food as an unemployed run completely out of money. Therefore the type of crime had to be sufficient for that. With a bit of that widespread robbing or shoplifting they might let you even go or release too quickly, as I guess already too many precarious or low pension elderly do only that in the current corona devastated economy and can’t all be accommodated in prison in such a high number. Have a closer look when driving around, you can see quite often police on supermarket parkings etc. nowadays. They are surely not busily shopping there, but register and talking with all those harmless thefts. But a shooting will do, that brings you there where you want to be when fallen from society’s ladder.

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This must be a mistake, because there are “No Guns” in Japan; Right ?

Interested to know what caliber, being that personal ownership of handguns is totally illegal in Japan.

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snowymountainhellDec. 7  07:41 pm JST

Perhaps people are numb to itAnother ‘drive-by shooting’ where innocents could have been killed !!

Why have you emphasised "Another"? When were the last drive-by shootings?

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Read both ALL 3 comments to understand my initial sarcasm and the points about gun laws & mental health @HarryGatto 2:48pm. Better still, read @10:43pm and @11:14pm who put a unique “Japanese” spin to the while incident.

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… whole …

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