Man arrested for abusing 4-month-old daughter


Police in Sapporo have arrested a 26-year-old man for abusing his 4-month-old daughter during the summer.

According to police, Toshiyuki Miyamoto began beating his daughter Yuki sometime in July of this year. The abuse which included hitting her in the head and face, continued for almost a month, TV Asahi reported Wednesday.

Yuki was hospitalized serious head and brain injuries. Police said that on Aug 5, Yuki's condition took a sudden turn for the worse and she began convulsing uncontrollably and fell unconscious. Miyamoto and his 22-year-old wife took their daughter to the hospital where nurses noticed signs of Yuki's abuse and notified both the police and child protective services.

Yuki's mother told police she never noticed abuse of any kind.

Miyamoto was quoted by police as saying he started beating his daughter everyday after he was forced to quit his job and remain at home, TV Asahi reported. He said the stress became too much.

Police said Yuki remains in a coma.

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He was given a treasure that should have been his blessing and he used her to release his stress. Why not buy a punching bag? Or, walk around the streets collecting garbage as a sign of penitence?

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Put him away...damn animal!

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Crying, screaming, bruises,bleeding. Nobody, especially mum, noticed anything out of the ordinary. Not a very observant lot these people. Lets hope she makes a full recovery but sadly she will most likely end up with the mother who will probably allow a similar situation to occur. As for the coma, lets hope it is an induced one and she makes a full recovery. Do not like her chances though.

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What a goon! Please put him in a place where he will receive daily beatings!

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Disgusting read.

I wonder if he would have taken out his stress on the foreman at work, had he been around? Perhaps given him some of the same treatment?

I have these kinds of cases back in my country as well (of course) but doesn't this seem to happen a little too often here? Why is that? My guess is that ut has to do with the Japanese way of not being able to fully cope with emotions and not speaking up to superiors or bosses and alway, always supressing real emotions. That, plus a nation of immature people makes for a dangerous cocktail of abuse.

Maybe the government should invest in its people first, then focus on the amakudari and nepotistic measure, yes? This nation is not healthy...

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Pathetic excuse for a human being.

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That is what happens when you have no respect for life. When your values are that you value money over the innocent life of a infant child. Guaranteed this POS believes it is perfectly ok to abort your own baby in the womb.

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Kudos to the nurse for spotting the signs of abuse. So many times we hear stories where abuse goes totally unnoticed from medical staff and social workers.

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So bizarre. I don´t even know what that means. 4 months olds are so fragile, I was always to break them just by holding them. Beating a 4 month old?? How? That would be murder.

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If she went into a coma, there is a good chance of brain damage. She might be better off passing on to the other world.

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If she went into a coma, there is a good chance of brain damage. She might be better off passing on to the other world.

This, this kid is scarred for life. Even if it survives there is a small chance for it to be healthy.

And the mom didn't notice anything is also weird. I saw her TV interview, she wasn't even slightly upset.

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Stress??? This is getting to be too much with stories like this. Take these people to the public square, do the same to them and televise it. Make sure that other crappy parents see this and think twice before doing such a thing.

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Queue the cries that Japan is a broken society, because they are reading too many reports in the news about this type of crime.

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Here is the TV news report with a brief interview of the mother (the interview mentioned by @papigiulio?):

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Hitting a 4 month old baby how manly, how fatherly. And the mother noticed nothing? really?

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He said the stress became too much.

Stay at home without working, yeh real stress.. As if thats an excuse for beating an infant anyway.

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@sensato: might be, on the other channels they showed her face. Here is a screengrab.


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The mother is stupid too and either she was scared of her husband or didn't care. If the baby was hit in the head and face, pretty sure there was some heavy bruising. Babies get bumps on their faces when they start crawling because they sometimes fall or bump into things. 4 months they are still lying there. If this baby recovers, I hope a normal person can take over parenting duties.

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POS, hope some hits him for stress

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How can the mother not notice. Doesn't she bathe the girl? Violence is used as a resource to make up for some other resource that is missing. If an economic resource is not available, it may cause stress in the family, and then violence may be used to replace it.

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Always there are people who blame the mother when it was the man who perpetrated the abuse. Abusers are good at hiding what they are doing in order to keep on abusing.

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This is not to excuse this inhumane, criminal behavior, but with so few psychological services available in Japan, and so few people knowing about what there is, it can be very hard for anybody to get help when they need it - which explains some of these cases, which may well be due to some kind of postpartum depression a lot of the time.

As for the mother, the husband might well be abusing her too. Or maybe there's drugs involved. Clearly some other issues at work here.

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Some people do not belong around children.

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I observed the news clip and have no empathy for the mother having hands tucked in her pockets. In my opinion, this is a clear sign she has no care for the poor little girl. They both should be convicted on 1st. degree premeditated manslaughter if not found guilty in 1st. degree murder !!!

As for the four month baby girl,, her chances are not looking favorable at this stage. This poor angel will be subjected to lifetime treatment and medical care. These parents will repeat their offense if the baby is returned to their custody, ensuring the baby not to survive second time around.

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