Man arrested for abusing 4-year-old son


Police in Shizuoka City have arrested a 25-year-old man on suspicion of abusing his four-year-old son.

According to police, the man, a company employee, kicked his son in the leg, causing a bone fracture, at their home on Nov 5.

The boy was taken to hospital by his parents. After examining the boy, a doctor asked the hospital to contact a child welfare center about a case of possible child abuse. The center then notified police.

The child has since been taken into protective custody. Police did not say whether the father has admitted to the charge or not.

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real tough guy there.

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Tests for entering elementary schools.

Tests for entering a company for work.

Tests for making tests.

Tests for practice tests.

Test to attempt to take a test.

Japan is so full of tests, its straight redundant.

But then any random jackhole can become a father. Or to be fair, have a child. This includes women as well.

Where are the tests when you need them?

People like this 25-year-old "man" need to be interrogated before even attempting to procreate. Clearly he wasn't ready to do so. Hopefully he gets some time in jail to learn how to become a REAL man. Or at least get reared by one.

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The child has since been taken into protective custody.

Um... Sounds like the child gonna have a rocky road ahead. It's literally like "Children have no choice over the family into which they are born."

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The child has since been taken into protective custody.

Is he a single-parent child? Effectively, the kid has been arrested, too. No relatives to stay with?

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Sad, but these are the kinds of stories that delay father's rights and shared custody recognition for years. It only takes one or two cases like this for opponents to say "See, men can't be trusted with children".

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Inb4 the ‘Maybe the toddler deserved it. It’s just disciplining’ crowd.

At least the child was taken out of the father’s custody. Let’s see if it stays that way or if they’ll just turn the kid back over to his abuser.

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What, no mother involved? The story lacks information.

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