Man arrested for abusing 76-year-old bedridden mother


Police in Tokyo have arrested a 54-year-old man on suspicion of abusing his 76-year-old bedridden mother after she suffered burns to her legs.

According to police, Takeharu Matsui, a company employee, is accused of burning both his mother’s legs in early March at their home in Adachi Ward, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police said there were at least 10 burn marks, some about 10 cms in length, on the woman’s legs.

Police said Matsui called 119 on March 31 and reported that his mother, who suffers from dementia, was not able to move. The woman was taken to hospital where doctors noticed burn marks as well as bedsores on her back.

Police said Matsui, who was arrested on Friday, has denied the charge and quoted him as saying he thought his mother had caused the burn marks herself.

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OzBurger - What is wrong with these people?

Its not the people! It’s the health care system that enslaves relatives to be full time carers with no training and very little support. I’ve known many middle aged people who have told me they are just waiting for their parent to die so they can get their life back. These people pay health insurance and pension all their lives and get nothing when they become old and ill. Private nursing care is ridiculously expensive and the few state run nursing homes are understaffed and overflowing with patients. Being a full time carer of an ailing dementia sufferer is a 24/7 job with no respite at all. It should be no surprise many people take out their frustrations on their ailing relative. I’m not condoning these types of incidents, but the way the system is they are inevitable.

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What is wrong with these people?

That said, it would be better if there was more support to help with care of the elderly.

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Jail time for him and state-paid care for the final years the victim.

Calls to mind the recent arrest of a male caregiver ‘allegedly’ drugging, abusing & sexually assaulting a dementia patient and 4-8 fellow female staff members at a care home in Osaka between Sep 2018 & Aug 2020.

These predators need this swiftest forms of justice possible. And the victims will need long term care.

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Lock him up!

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It’s obligation not love.

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Not even recognizing his crime? is he expected people to believe that the wounds were self inflicted and he didn't seek for medical help? that is not even better.

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Devil's advocate here: What if his mother DID cause the burns herself? What proof have the police got on this guy?

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I hope the sentencing for abuse of elderly and children is long term and not just a slap on the wrist. I just cannot imagine what goes in the minds of these criminals.

I hope the older lady recovers soon.

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"Devil's advocate here: What if his mother DID cause the burns herself? What proof have the police got on this guy?"

Burn marks. If the same person burns the legs, they would be different from someone else burning the legs.

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what a disgusting little worm.

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Just speculating here and not by any means defending alleged actions.......

Could it be partly the result of the declining birthrate? Huge population of elderly with their very demanding need for care all falling on to their sole child. A recipe for frustration leading to increases in elderly abuse.

Care of the elderly requires a huge amount of love, patience and self sacrifice and is extremely tough for one person to do 24hrs round the clock for years on end. It's much easier when the load is shared by siblings. All the more reason to have at least a couple of kids, if possible.

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We got a tough guy...

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