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Man arrested for alleged murder of wife disguised as drowning


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Scumbag. Hang him.

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Wow! Impressed the police took the time to investigate.

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"explaining his wife drowned while he was in the toilet." not a rocket the smartest of cookies, with this kind of blag.

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Scuba divers are 'certified' not 'licensed'.

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If your marriage is on the rocks and you're headed for divorce, and your spouse says, "Hey honey, let's go snorkeling/scuba diving/hiking in the mountains/etc.," it's probably a good idea to say "no, thanks." Especially if your spouse likely has an insurance policy on your life.

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I guess the husband didn't think the scuba license would shed any light as to how she drown while snorkeling.

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Lets hope the family of the deceased does everything they can to make sure he hangs for this

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i hope my partner doesn't read this. I'm a scuba diver and often go snorkelling in shirohama. they always complain about money and have a life insurance policy on me. i will sleep with one eye open.

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Noda was designated as the beneficiary of his wife's 30 million yen life insurance payout

Takashi Noda, a driver from Osaka, is suspected of deliberately drowning his wife Shiho, 28

Noda had been arrested four times since December 2017 on theft and other allegations, and in three cases he was indicted on theft charges.

The stupid things people do for money. And here's a question the judge should ask him :

"Mr. Noda,how much of that money you killed your wife for do you stand to receive now?"

What a greedy fool!

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