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Man arrested for allegedly molesting woman in Hokkaido pachinko parlor


Police in Tobetsu, Hokkaido, have arrested a 33-year-old man on suspicion of sexually molesting a woman in her 30s by allegedly groping her buttocks and breasts in a pachinko parlor in Wakkanai last month.

The incident occurred at around 4 p.m. on March 27, broadcaster NTV quoted police as saying. Police said the suspect, who is from Sapporo, is a temp worker.

The woman filed a complaint with police who analyzed surveillance camera footage taken from the pachinko parlor. The suspect was arrested Wednesday in Tobetsu, which is 250 kilometers from Wakkanai.

Police said the man has admitted to the allegation.

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Why is anyone at a Pachinko Parlor at 4 pm on a Wednesday?

get a job!

or a family or a life or something.

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Pachinko is so tedious.

I thought his defence would be,'I don't know ' in colloquial Japanese, regarding the scene of the crime.

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Looks like none is directly addressing the issue of the news.

The news here is that a woman bravely complained and was taken seriously.

The hundreds of women who experience this every day in Japan will sadly go unheard and not get justice.

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