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Man arrested for arson threat in Shibuya club


A 23-year-old unemployed Osaka man was arrested on Wednesday night for allegedly entering a live music venue in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward and splashing a gasoline-like substance on the floor, police said Thursday. Police quoted the man as saying that he was going to burn everyone alive.

According to police, the suspect -- identified as Satoshi Shimano -- entered the club named Chelsea Hotel, and used a bucket to douse the floor with the gasoline-like liquid and was preparing to spray a different substance that appeared to be mace when he was subdued by staff. One man who helped subdue Shimano said he shouted at patrons, “I’ve covered the place in gasoline, now I’m going to set you on fire. I’m sure I’ll get the death penalty. That's what I want."

There were about 40 people present at the time of the incident, Fuji TV reported. Seven of them later reported feeling ill.

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Thank god the staff were able to prevent that lunatic from carrying out such a hideous and senseless crime.

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Six years ago when this lunatic was 17 yo, he was arrested for the attempted murder with a hammer of a 4yo boy in a park.

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'I'll get the death penalty. That's what I want.'


This man probably has some deep-seated issues to want to die so badly... but taking down as many people with you as you can? Despicable. Will be interesting to see what kind of punishment he gets, how soon he'll be allowed back out into society.

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'I'll get the death penalty. That's what I want.'

then go somewhere in the mountains, pour the gasoline on yourself and light on. avoid fire hazard places please no, the guy just wanted the attention and fuss he knew his all miserable life won't get otherwise. kudos to the club stuff, it'S not easy to subdue a hysterical lunatic

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He wanted to destroy the the club to save it.

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Well the last time he tried something like this (complete with the threat to "kill lots of people"), he got six years, was declared "rehabilitated", and released. Then he goes and does this.

Imprisonment without individual psychiatric treatment doesn't amount to rehabilitation.

Cheers to the band member at the club who tackled the guy, and the patrons who helped hold him until the police showed up. A potential tragedy averted.

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Yeah this guy is a nutter. Hammered a 4 y.o. and did something else that clearly shows he is insane and should NOT walk around freely. And yet again another CRAZY guy that comes from Ibaraki Osaka, I think I should move :s

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" I’m sure I’ll get the death penalty. That’s what I want.”

Suicide by capital punishment. AGAIN.

When will this nation realize that the death penalty kills!?!

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Sick person.

The fire escapes were probably blocked too. I always check.

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what a nut...glad his attempt got thwarted. 23 is young. Hope he gets some help.

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An interesting thing came to light during the investigation.... The live-house where all of this happened was located B1 and there was only one entrance/exit leading to this firetrap of a place. The Iunatic may even chosen that place because of this. I wonder how they got their licence to operate their place. It should only be used as a warehouse, not a place where 50-something people can easily be trapped. Again, thank god nothing happened (this time).

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F..!!! That is not a place I would like to die in, a loud, crowd so called live house in Shibuya?? What a nut case! I hope this guy gets the death penalty, too scary to be on the outside.

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Please lock away this lunatic for the rest of his life.

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"Please lock away this lunatic for the rest of his life."

Yes. And please stop offering the Death Penalty as a means of suicide to nutters who can't quite manage to do it for themselves.

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I like going to these live houses there in Shibuya etc..but how in the hell did this nut case get in to the place with a bucket of gasoline?? This makes no sense to me. I am sure the guy could not just sneak in let alone bring a bucket?? Or some kind of container full of gasoline or what ever the heck this idiot fool was planning to use to kill himself and many others too. The scary thing is, this kind of thing has already happened next door in South Korea but inside of their subways! Korean nut cases have set fire in subway stations and in the subway trains etc..killing many people, so I just hope and pray that we do not get copy cat suicide nutters trying this here in Japan.

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