Man arrested for assaulting child welfare worker in Ibaraki Pref


Police in Koga, Ibaraki Prefecture, have arrested a 50-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of attempted murder after he assaulted a child care worker. The man, Yugi Saito, was also charged with assaulting his 38-year-old wife when he slashed her with a knife after she tried to stop him from attacking the welfare worker.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 5 p.m. on July 5. Police said Saito has denied the charge. The altercation occurred when the child welfare worker from Chikusei Child Consultation Center and an officer from Koga Police Station arrived at Saito’s home after receiving a report directly from Saito’s son that his father had been abusing him. Saito became enraged and shouted, “Why are you here? I’m going to kill you,” before heading to the kitchen and pulling out a knife.

Saito’s wife sustained a cut to her right arm while attempting to stop him and the child welfare worker was punched in the face before the police officer could subdue him.

Saito’s child was not injured in the incident and has since been placed in a child welfare facility. Prior to the incident, neither the police nor and child welfare center said they had received any information regarding domestic abuse or trouble at Saito’s home.

Police did not say how old the child is.

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So, he threatened to kill a police officer? That carries a couple of years in jail where I come from. It seems the child was right to contact the agency and the cops. This guy is an 'unemployed' psycho!

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Guy answers the door, threatens the social worker, goes back and gets a knife, comes back, and the cop still was behind everyone and the social worker got decked.

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Wow! Father of the year candidate, NOT! What a flipping nutcase! Do the family a favor and lock him up.

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I'm not a gun advocate but if a policeman is there with a gun sitting on his belt, sometimes it is worth reaching for it. Before one person gets punched and another gets slashed, for example.

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Well at least this loser is now away from the wife and child.

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Just to be absolutely clear, there is no way this child should be returned to this man. I definitely do not want to see an article next year how the child wrote a letter that he wanted to return to his father, was returned then abused again.

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One could only imagine the retribution this loon would wreak on his son for calling the agency on him. Hopefully, they will be kept apart from now on.

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At least the child and wife are safe now. Until the authorities 'reunite' them as they always seem to do.

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“Why are you here? I’m going to kill you,”

I'm sure it sounded a lot more colourful and emphatic at the time!

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Well, we already know he can't be charged with abuse of the child, since the laws here area toothless, but now they can nail him with this.

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The guy is pretty gutsy denying the charges despite plenty of evidence of assault and witnesses, including a cop. Well, he's digging his own grave, maybe if he admitted to it and was begging for forgiveness the judge would go easy on him as seems to be common, but now they'll surely throw the book at him!

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wonder why the headline says what it does, and not "Man arrested for slashing wife in Ibaraki Pref"..... is that less important than a punch?

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Well, we already know he can't be charged with abuse of the child, since the laws here area toothless, but now they can nail him with this.

Do you mean he won't be punished for abuse? There are toothless laws against abuse, so he can definitely be charged.

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Snobbery... shocker....

He deserves jail time. But his employment or lack of, should have nothing to do with it.

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