Man arrested for attempted bank robbery in Oita Pref


A 44-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to rob a bank in Beppu, Oita Prefecture.

According to police, Akira Kato, who works as a security guard, entered the Ishigaki branch of the Oita Bank at around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday. He threatened the teller with a knife and demanded money.

However, the teller refused and triggered an alarm, at which point Kato fled from the bank, empty-handed.

About 170 police were mobilized and Kato was picked up at around 8 p.m. Tuesday.

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Please don't tell me he went to the same bank where he was employed to do that crap that would be stupid

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These kinds of criminals are rarely the brightest of the bunch. You would think when one is planning something as serious and risky as robbing a bank, they would at least have a Plan B just in case everything doesn't go exactly as imagined.

But bank robbers are generally impulsive. As crimes go, it's high risk and low reward. But requires very little forethought to put into action.

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And, I'll bet he though he would get away wit it. Loser!

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170 police officers? That seems like a lot.

They really don’t have much to do.....

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Can't rob banks in Japan. All notes come from a dispenser. It's not like the movies, a drawer full of cash ...

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How can they mobilize that many cops in that short a time? That's more frightening than the bank robbery.

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About 170 police were mobilized and Kato who threatened the teller with a knife

Ladies and gentlemen, your tax money hard at work.

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I would advise any would be criminals to focus on home burglary. The police seem to respond very half-heartedly in such cases, and the perpetrator is rarely caught. You can probably make a decent living with low risk and they certainly won't call out 170 cops to find you.

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LUL robbing a bank with a knife hahahaha this is the should go in history, if im the teller i would just laugh at him and tell him to go back and keep working as a security guard

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