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Man arrested for attempted murder of common-law wife


Police in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, have arrested a 71-year-old man on suspicion of attempting to kill his 59-year-old common-law wife.

According to police, Masakatsu Matsumoto stabbed the woman, whose name has not been released, in the back on the street outside their home at around 10:20 p.m. on March 27, Fuji TV reported. The woman was able run to a nearby apartment building and seek help.

Police said the victim was taken to hospital where doctors said that her life was not in danger. Police said Matsumoto’s whereabouts were unknown until early Tuesday when he was found in Fukushima Prefecture. They said he has denied the charge.

Police said the woman had consulted them once before about domestic abuse by Matsumoto and that they had issued him a warning.

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"Man arrested for attempted murder of common-law wife"

The police issued him a warning. And the warning did not work? Wow! Actually, it seems, and correct me if I am wrong, however the warning may have angered him more and then increased the chances of him being more violent. Im not a police officer, but one would think to actually place him in jail for a bit or separate the two.

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This story is next to the one about the woman who murdered her common-law husband. It is dangerous to be a common-law in Japan.

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Maybe she should have gotten in first like yesterday's woman.

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Under "weaknesses", you've just put "trying to get away with murder".

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Instead of him fleeing to another prefecture, maybe she should of fleed to another prefecture.

japan actually does have help services for victims.

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It is dangerous to be a common-law in Japan.

Legalizing the arrangement can simply mean ‘out of the saucepan, into the fire.’ ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ is at the root of ALL relationship breakdowns.

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This familiarity breeds contempt confuses me. I have heard people say this in the past, however if you don't like someone, why are you with them? Why did you hook up with them? I guess the love was not strong. If the love was not strong, then I can understand the familiarity breeds contempt thing. Wow! If you stop loving someone, be honest and separate. Dang Dog!

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If the genders of victim and perp had been reversed, the thread would be full of unpleasant comments calling for violent retribution.


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Been kind of a tough week for common-law marriages.

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