Man arrested for attempted murder of girlfriend


Police in Osaka on Saturday arrested a 33-year-old man on suspicion of attempting to kill his 33-year-old girlfriend by choking her.

According to police, Shoji Yasuda, a company employee from Nishinomiya, attacked the woman in her apartment at around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, Sankei Shimbun reported. The victim suffered minor injuries to her neck, police said.

Police said Yasuda has admitted to the charge and quoted him as saying he got angry because the woman wanted to break off their relationship.

Last year, the woman consulted police about being beaten by Yasuda. Police issued a verbal warning over domestic abuse to him.

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There seems to do many of these pathetic losers who do not have the emotional strength (or balls) to handle the rejection of a female they have obviously been treating like crap.

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Last year, the woman consulted police about being beaten by Yasuda. Police issued a verbal warning over domestic abuse to him.

That's all? Just a verbal warning for beating up someone? How pathetic! In other countries, that loser would have been taken at least for battery.

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He beat her up and only got a warning? For assault? No wonder he felt he had the right to attack her again.

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My ex son-in-law is one such loser. He verbally and physically abused my daughter for a number of years before she finally just ran away. Months later, he followed her and her boyfriend to their apartment and got inside. When I got there, he had already injured the boyfriend. I stood between him and my daughter and told him to leave it's over give it up but he would not leave. Even when the police arrived, it took a lot of talking before they convinced him to leave. They still have sporadic contact because there are children involved, but years later he still uses those chances to make things difficult for her.

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Now in Japan Guys & girls are considered SHY and guys normally do not have a lot of girlfriends if you compare them to American men. So I can understand how a Japanese guy gets attached to a girl and wants the relationship to last and in his eyes he might feel his family & friends look down upon him (losing Face). Now he confessed to the crime so he is an honest kind of guy and maybe he wears his Heart on his sleeve. But to try to kill her : DUMB. Better to just walk away and find another.  When you break up with a lover the best way to get over that lover is to get on top of another lover. Didn't he have a back up girlfriend ??? I always dated several girls at the same time a different girl for every day of the week and that's a good way how not to get your heart broken. .

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