Man arrested for attempted murder of older brother


Police in Ishikari, Hokkaido, have arrested a 48-year-old man on suspicion of attempting to kill his older brother by stabbing him with an ice pick.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 10:35 a.m. on Friday. Local media reported that the victim, Yutaka Takeuchi, who is in his 50s, called 110 and said that his younger brother Jun had stabbed him in the chest with an ice pick. 

Police rushed to the house and arrested the suspect the scene. The victim was taken to hospital where doctors said his wound was not life-threatening.

A neighbor said the suspect lived by himself and that his older brother had come to visit him for the Obon holidays. 

Police said they are questioning the two bothers about the cause of the trouble between them.

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Another pleasant Obon family reunion. I recall from my youth in the States mostly peaceful family gatherings over Christmas and family reunion picnics in the summer, however, when my in-laws gather in Japan the men tend to treat it as an all day drinking party and arguments can arise. On the other hand, the younger Japanese men seem more agreeable.

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Looks this time Cain got thrown into a Japanese prison, never to be heard of again. And Able? Back to work.

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You are nearly always spot on with your views.

I concur with you so much on this site.

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Family values. Used to be something aspire to. Guess times have changed........even here. Sad!

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One of the side affects of a shame based culture where emotional maturity is gravely lacking.

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