Man arrested for attempted murder of supermarket employee


Police in Kyoto have arrested a 45-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of attempted murder after he stabbed a 35-year-old female supermarket employee several times on Friday. The woman was taken to hospital where she remained in a serious condition on Saturday.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 2 p.m. at the Izumiya Takano supermarket in Sakyo Ward. Police said the suspect, Hiroyuki Fujii, entered the store and stabbed the woman, who is a part-time employee, seven times in the neck and back, Fuji TV reported. Witnesses said he kept stabbing her even after she fell to the floor and that he said nothing the whole time.

Fujii then ran out of the store and holed up in his apartment in a condo about 200 meters away. Police spent about 50 minutes negotiating with him before they entered the apartment. Fujii was led out of the building with a white paper bag over his head. A bloodied knife was found in his possession.

Police said Fujii has admitted to stabbing the woman but has so far given no motive.

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Oh, good grief! Not another one!

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Poor woman . Some random nutjob just walks up and stabs you in the neck without you probably even seeing it coming. Hope she makes a full and speedy recovery but keep that guy locked up for a good long while.

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I bet it’s incel rage.

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This is extremely disturbing. Hopefully the victim makes a complete recovery. She was doing the right thing and this horrible individual had to do that.   

It is also quite shocking that this could happen in Japan because just about if not every city in Japan and the country of Japan as a whole is safe and safer than most cities in the Western Countries and most Western Countries as a whole. Japan does not have cities with dangerous areas that exist in Western Countries. Kyoto especially feels really safe. 

That suspect should either be hanged or receive the firing squad. As to reasons for this disturbing act:

·       Was the suspect a former employee who was fired???

·       Did the suspect attempt to obtain employment at the supermarket and did not get hired???

·       Did the suspect have an issue with the supermarket as a customer???

There had to be a specific reason why the suspect chose an employee in that supermarket. There is absolutely no excuse for what that suspect did and he should receive maximum consequences. It is helpful for everyone to understand the motive so this kind of thing never ever occurs again.

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Another loner nut job.

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He's gone bananas.

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"I wanted to feel what it was like to stab someone."

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What a freaking coward, sneak up behind a defenseless woman and start stabbing her without her even knowing what's about to happen.

people like him pick targets like that because they want to stab somebody, but they don't want to get their arses kicked in the process

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Really shocking, in the middle of the day in an area I used to live and I supermarket I frequented.

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