Man arrested for attempted murder over taxi robbery


A man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of robbery and attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed a taxi driver in Nikko and stole cash from the vehicle earlier this month.

According to police, 39-year-old Masahiro Orui got into a taxi outside of JR Utsunomiya Station on Oct 13. He asked the driver to take him to Nikko. After the taxi stopped, Orui allegedly stabbed the driver in the chest with an awl. He then drove the vehicle back to Utsunomiya himself with the driver still inside, finally making off with 44,000 yen.

Police identified Orui through surveillance video footage from a convenience store, and arrested him on the street in Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture.

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Orui should read Warui.Expecting many cases like this in the future.

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Sweeeet! He made off with almost 50,000!! Totally worth an attempted murder charge.

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killing someone for such amount? how pathetic...

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With the stabbed driver still inside? No mention about the stabbed drivers condition or the location of the stabbing. Nikko to Utsunomiya is how far? More than an hour I think. Surely they must have said something to each other? How about the bleeding. Profuse bleeding? What an insane story. Japanese doing this to other Japanese in clear daylight, in taxi's. My Lord what is this country doing to itself. 15% poverty line......The 39-year old must have been out of work, but still. Come ON JAPAN!

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I saw the new safety innovation to protect taxi drivers on the news last night. It's a sheet of clear PVC vinyl draped from the ceiling of the cab and a little spy camera set up on the back window. I wonder if it is knife proof PVC. - These attacks will not stop until the cabs are made cash free. All the cabs in Australia are fitted with direct debit and credit card machines. There is also 'CabCharge' system similar to the Suica train fare system. You have to search to find a cab that will accept cash.

On an unrelated note: I used a taxi the other day and noticed three or four stickers in the back of the cab instructing to put on the seat belt. I grabbed the belt to put it on only to find the catches were neatly tucked away under the seat. I asked the cabbie where they were and he replied, "Daijebu, Iidenai" - "It's OK, you don't need them" - WTF!
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I guess Disillusioned was trying to say DAIJOUBU, IRANAI, but no matter what this idiot Japanese driver and all the other idiots here in this country say, it is not DAIJOUBU to be in any vehicle with out a SEATBELT! IRU! IRU! We all need seatbelts, even the fool who attacked this poor taxi driver in Nikko needed a seatbelt, but preferably around his wrists and legs!

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Curiously, no US military were involved in this incident. Someone will be investigating that discrepancy in the coming days.

As an aside, what is an "Awl"?

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