Man arrested for attempted smuggling of rare animals into Japan


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Crayfish were NOT smuggled, they were INTRODUCED to feed the INTRODUCED bullfrogs that some idiots thought was a good idea for food, ie. frog legs.

Both of course escaped their ponds & are now plentiful around Japan

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"I bought them as they were cute." translation - i brought them to make money.

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Why did it take a year to arrest him? If it was gold, he would’ve been arrested on the spot.

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Customs quoted Murakami as saying, "I bought them as they were cute."

Mr Murakami needs to up his quoting, Obviously it needed to be "I was drunk and don't remember a thing." How could he make such an elementary mistake.

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At least he didn't hide anything in his body cavities

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One year later! What’s the story behind the one year delay?

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Slow news day

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They should put this guy in a suitcase and send him on a long flight as checked baggage to see how he likes it.

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how do they keep animals alive during the flight? horrible crime

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Smuggling is dangerous, just look what happened with American freshwater crayfish or black bass.

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