Man arrested for attempting to steal gun from policeman


A 47-year-old man was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of attempted robbery after he tried to steal a gun from a policeman in Tokyo.

According to police, Toshimitsu Takahashi, an unemployed resident of Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, entered a police box at Ueno station in Taito Ward at around 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, asking the two policemen on duty whether they had guns, Fuji TV reported. He then suddenly took out an 8-cm-long pair of scissors from his pocket and pointed it toward one of the policemen, urging him to hand over his gun.

The policemen subdued the man and arrested him on the spot on charges of an attempted robbery. No one was injured in the incident, Fuji TV reported.

The man was quoted by police as saying he wanted the gun to commit suicide.

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Never bring a knife to a gunfight. (though neither happened here, it kind of fits).

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The stupidity of some people is breathtaking. Did he really think that the cop was going to give him the gun?

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In the words of my two-year-old, "Wow."

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Shear stupidity.

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The policemen subdued the man and arrested him on the spot on charges of an attempted robbery.

The policemen did a good job just as we would expect from them. Needless to say, they just did what needed doing. If the gun had been stolen, they would have felt really ashamed. Not only that, it could have been a disaster. Good job!

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Suicide by cop. This happens from time to time in the US. Except the bad guys aren't stupid enough to bring a pair of tiny scissors.

The police at the koban should've shot him (for being so stupid) and then made up a story when the corner arrived. The world is a better place without these kinds of lunatics who ask on-duty police officers where their guns are.

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Darwin Award contender.

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The part they left out was when the cops almost handed over their guns.

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At 2:30am he was probably very drunk and will use it at an excuse. He will then express his regret and will walk away.

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The man was quoted by police as saying "I wanted free food and shelter, and this seemed like a good way to get it"

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Shear stupidity.

Good one, Nessie!

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Police in Japan is in service of the society! Everyone knows they are very helpful. They would give the direction, why not give you the gun :-) Logical, no?

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