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Man arrested for beating 4-month-old daughter


Police in Kumano, Hiroshima Prefecture, have arrested a 23-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of abusing his 4-month-old daughter.

According to police, Keita Sudo beat his daughter about the head, causing a skull fracture, last Nov 3, NTV reported Friday. His wife, who was away at the time, later noticed a bruise on her daughter’s forehead. As she seemed unwell, the couple took her to the hospital. Sudo told the doctor that he did not know what had caused the bruise, police said.

The next day, the hospital reported the incident to a child consultation center in Hiroshima as a case of suspected child abuse. The center then notified police.

Police said Sudo has denied abusing his daughter who spent a week in hospital recovering from her injury.

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While it's not certain he did anything, what kind of human being would hit a four month old baby?

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If he hit her hard enough to fracture her skull, then he should be charged with attempted murder. It's a wonder the little tyke is still alive. Hopefully, she recovers and the mother has the smarts to ditch this loser and give her child s stable and safe home life.

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So the investigation took 3 months?

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I doubt you'll have any sympathizers coming on here like they do in droves when a woman beats or murders who children, but as with those horrible women I hope this guy does a long stint in prison. Anyone who would hurt an infant or small child for ANY reason -- let alone doing things like 'crying' that babies do! -- is nothing short of criminal.

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23 years old, married, father, unemployed and allegedly completely clueless as to how his daughter acquired a bruise on her forehead. Perhaps he could benefit from parenting and anger management classes, if there is are any such programs available in Hiroshima

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Perhaps he could benefit from getting his @ss kicked.

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Innocent until proven guilty? And why does the fact he's unemployed matter?

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Post natal depression??! (sarcasm)

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Personally I feel People like this guy NEED to receive counseling while in jail (child is in protective custody as well). Instead of locking him up for 5-10yrs give him a 6 month-1yr sentence and while there he has to receive counseling. Hopefully when he gets out of jail he will have received the proper help along with a mandatory weekly anger management and counseling sessions. Then start him off with supervised visits until a case worker determines there is no danger to the child. This way a family may be spared the continuing cycle of abuse will stop. If your in prison or jail, it should be mandatory to receive specialized counseling from day 1. To many times people go to jail and thats it! They get out and some have learned there lesson but most or a large number havent learned anything other than they got "caught". Look at America's penal institutions and the rates at which people go right back to prison. The Japanese government and people have a higher sense of social order than the rest of the world (doesnt mean they are perfect, far from it) but thats why i believe that 'they" could be the first to institute something like this and the results will speak for themselves (either for or against it)

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Great post.

It's always good when people like you, with personal experience in this area, call for understanding.

If I do the same I'm a "hand-wringing liberal do-gooder." : (

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