Man arrested for corpse abandonment after skeletal remains found in Tokyo apartment


Police in Tokyo have arrested a 70-year-old man on suspicion of corpse abandonment after skeletal remains were discovered in an apartment he was subleasing to a male acquaintance.

According to police, Yoshio Yasunami, a self-professed part-time worker residing in Toshima Ward’s Nishi-Sugamo district, has admitted to the charge following his arrest on Wednesday, Fuji TV reported.

Police said that at around 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Yasunami brought a plastic bag containing the skeletal remains of a head and other body parts from a storage site on the apartment premises in Sugamo and placed it in the apartment. 

For several days, Yasunami was cleaning the outside of the two-story apartment building which he owns. No other tenants live in the building.

A female acquaintance came to assist him on Tuesday. Without the woman noticing anything unusual, Yasunami went to the storage room and took the skeletal remains into the apartment. However, the woman later thought something was strange and called police, saying someone might have died in the apartment.

Police said the body is believed to be Yasunami's male acquaintance, a man in his 60s, who was living in the apartment rent-free for several years.  

The man appears to have been dead for about a year, police said. Yasunami was quoted as saying, "I knocked on the man's door several days ago, but did not get a response. While I was cleaning the outside of the apartment, I entered the room through an open window."

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What is going on here? why would you not report a dead person to the authorities? why has he kept then in a lock up? why has he just brought them out? did he want them as an ornament ? very odd, and decomposing flesh stinks its a smell once you have smelt it will stay with you. so how come no one noticed the odour?

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What now? So, according to him, the friend was dead in his room for however long so he went in through a window and then...put the remains in a storage shed? And then when the lady friend was there he...brought the remains back into the apartment? This is the strangest game of Hot Potato ever.

Like Brian said, rotting flesh is a smell you can't not notice. It is FOUL. One cannot plead ignorance on that.

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