Man arrested for cutting off women's clothes as they slept


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now we've heard it all.

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Jack the Snipper?

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ummm do people not lock the doors anymore? this guy will so go to jail tho

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Maybe, just maybe, locking your door is a good idea. If stupidity was illegal half the population would be in jail!

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How did he get caught by the cops?

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Im sorry, but this is absolutely terrifying.

Its probable that the apartment was locked, but maybe they forgot to lock the veranda door or a window something too. Im sure we have ALL been guilty of this. It just goes to show that, if someone wants to gain access to your home, then its all to easy too.

How very, very scary - it gives me chills.

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Shear perversion.

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Practising his magic tricks?

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At least some people who live in rural or semi-rural areas still seem to leave their front doors unlocked. On the other hand, others who live in the same areas seem quite obsessive about locking up, including closing the amado shutters every night. I suppose that some of the people in the more bucolic backwaters are lulled into a false sense of security.

I've known several families who are quite diligent about locking their front doors but commonly leave their kitchen/"tradesmen" doors ("kateiguchi") doors unlocked, which mystifies me.

There also seem to be many people leaving the (screened) sliding doors to their gardens wide open to cool/ventilate their homes rather than locking everything and running the A/C. Saving electricity/money and/or health concerns may figure into this.

The article doesn't say where in Saitama the incidents took place, but I've certainly seen some pretty lax home security in the northern Saitama/southern Gunma border country around Kumagaya and Ohta.

On the other hand, when I lived in various places in metropolitan Tokyo or in Kanagawa I knew many apartment-dwelling people who were careful about locking their front doors but habitually left their veranda/balcony doors unlocked...even if they lived on the ground floor.

The article mentions apartments rather than single dwelling homes, and doesn't say which part of Saitama, but from experience I'm not terribly surprised about the unlocked doors.

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These women were lucky this sick dog only "got off" on cutting their clothes! I would hate to think what would happen if he was homicidal!! People lock your doors and not only at night!! These bastards can strike at any opportunity!!

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This sort of activity has a long tradition in Japan and is known as yobai or "night creeping"

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That is totally CREEPY?

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They shouldn't have left the door unlocked.

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Sick, sick and brain like a kidney.

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what a creep!

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It sounds like someone who wants to get caught to me. Either that or this is a psychologically challenged person without a grip on reality..

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That would've made a great Detective Conan episode!!

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How much free time is too much free time? I think we have the answer!

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man the weirdness just gets weirder!!

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the J cops had there work cut out for them finding this guy. LOL

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@Serrano How did he get caught by the cops? they cut him off in a side street as he tried to escape.

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How does the guy get in? Do these women just leave their doors open? In any case, it seems Saitama is appearing more and more, and that means A LOT! Bizarre thing to do, and glad he was caught and no one hurt. Weird fetish to actually carry out.

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in perversion, hes a cut above the rest.

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Dang and my J-SIL thinks I'm a paranoid for locking my doors.

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Is that Saitama again??

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yet again "Saitama City" you would think by now people would lock there doors,

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creepy yes, but the victims were very very very lucky!! Considering the stupidity of not locking the door they got off lightly. You don't want to imagine what would have happened if this guy was a serial murderer, rapist, homicidal maniac.

So, how many of you have actually left the door unlocked ever in say, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Philippines, India??? Any hotel??? He would also have to target specific types of apartment blocks that are not auto-lock or residential houses.Hopefully this traumatic event will instill some common sense for the victims.

And it does say (front) doors, not windows or any other back door because he would check for shoes. One reason to always leave a large pair of mens shoes even if nobody else is living with you.

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Saitama City is pretty close to Tokyo, and is a relatively urban area (at least compared with much of the rest of the prefecture), so the perception--mistaken, but pretty pervasive IMO--that crime is mostly an urban thing and you can leave your doors open in the country doesn't seem to apply here.

You would think that people would have the sense to lock their doors, at the very least when they've gone to sleep if not all the time. There appear to be a lot of folks who still believe in the myth of "safe(ty) Japan", to the extent that they neglect common sense security measures, despite abundant evidence in the news that Japan--while perhaps safer than many other places--is nevertheless more than sufficiently supplied with criminals and perverts.

Stay safe, folks, and if you have naive Japanese friends/relatives, you might occasionally point out these cases and try to convince them to be a bit more wary and careful about their own security.

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This sort of activity has a long tradition in Japan and is known as yobai or "night creeping"

Yobai was consensual sex under cover of night, not picking a random house and cutting someone's clothes off.

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All the ppl calling her stupid for leaving the door unlocked- You do forget once in awhile, you know. Remember the population density here, you try enough doors, and you'll eventually find one unlocked. I forgot to lock the door once, and this old homeless lady came in while I was asleep. I awoke, all groggy and it was very scary because she was making these noises. She was just crazy though, perfectly harmless. The cops came and took her off.


Sorry, yobai and this are two totally different things. This guy here is attacking ppl. Yobai was usually sneaking into your girl's house when you were teenagers and had no other way to get together w/o getting caught. It sometimes also meant going to a girl's house you wanted to get together with. But there were protocols for signalling you were interested and figuring out if she was too.

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Lock your doors people!!! Like to think japan is safe, but seriously...

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What are the odds of something like this happening in Saitama?

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wow I can't believe this! this is the craziest yet! how could somebody not lock up! I lock my doors and put down the metal shutters every night, as do most of the people in my neighborhood. I also keep the windows locked up when not using them as well.

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BalefireMay. 11, 2013 - 09:12AM JST

It says he was arrested in Saitama City which isn't really near the Gunma border at all and is a city with 2 million people. I spend some time working in the area you describe near Gunma and it's pretty common to leave front doors, cars etc wide open all day, although not at night. I think this goes for most rural areas, maybe even suburbs.

The article does say he went around CHECKING doors though, if you spend an hour pulling at various apartment doors you'd probably find a few unlocked ones even in Rio, let alone any city in Japan.

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i guffawed...

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This country has some really weird crimes. Well, at least Japan has fewer violent crimes than the United States.

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Im 188cm, 92kg with and athletic build and a former brawler and I STILL DON"T GO TO BED UNTIL MY HOUSE IS TOTALLY SECURE!!

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i'd like to know if he's done with the collage

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Any woman living alone ought to go out and get the largest sized pair of man's shoes they can find, and then put it at the door next to their own shoes. Then maybe if there is another fool like this roaming around, he at least would not go into their house.

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