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Man arrested for dragging girlfriend with car in Saitama


Police on Thursday arrested a 26-year-old man for dragging his 26-year-old girlfriend whose hand was stuck in his car window in Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture. The woman suffered broken ribs and liver damage, police said.

Junji Fujii, 26, was charged with assaulting his girlfriend around 6:15 a.m. at a car park. According to police, Fujii grabbed the woman's mobile phone after accusing her of cheating on him. He got back into his car and started to drive off. When the woman put her hand into the car to try and retrieve her phone, Fujii rolled up the window. He accelerated with the woman's hand stuck in the window, dragging her along for a short distance before he stopped.

Fujii was quoted by police as saying, “I didn't intend to harm her. I thought she would let go once the car started to move.”

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If you roll up the window, you had intentions of harming her. Damn, Saitama is off the chain!!

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I'm sure her hand wasn't trapped. When a window is being rolled up, common sense people, take your hand out. Strange fight anyway. She obviously wanted her phone back pretty bad. Privacy on cell phones? Keep nothing there you don't want the world to see is my advice. Read an article a few weeks ago about cheating and that it has increased due to cell phone usage. Sounds like the relationship was doomed anyway, if the MAN was questioning the woman. Morals these days.

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I bet she was seeing that crocodile on the side.

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Saitama again.

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If he want to leave in such a hurry, he could have had a little respect for his woman and given her the phone back. If you are mad and upset with her, give her all her sh** back right then and there. But I will not waste my time on this issue, they will kiss and make up and she will drop the charges and he will in up kill her sometime in the near future. stay tune

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Rolling up the window will sink this guy. This simple action means that this incident stops being innocent and takes on more ominous overtones. The girl having her hand innocently trapped in the window and being dragged is one thing, however, closing the window and jamming the girl's hand is a completely different matter.

Moreover, the extent of the girl's injuries just add fuel to the fire. No matter how this guy tries to squirm, I think he is going to the pen.

Chalk another one up for Saitama.

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The lack of common sense in this country never ceases to amaze me even after living here for 20+ years.

Girl: wanting a cell phone so bad that she would keep reaching for it even when she realized this idiot was closing the window on her hand. Although I'm sure she didn't imagine he would drive her around the parking lot, she must have known a window being shut on a hand or an arm would be painful.

Guy: Shuts the window on her hand trapping it, which in and of itself runs a high risk of injury e.g. broken or fractured wrist, fingers etc..., and then speeds off. He then tells the police "he didn't intend to harm her". Stupidity at it highest level.

If you ask me, I think they deserve each other.

It also touches on a deeper issue that Japanese have little understanding or regard for human life. In Japan, you can get more jail time for embezzlement than for something as horrific as rape or child abuse.

This girl was willing to risk her life for something as meaningless as a cell phone and this guy was willing to throw away his life for the same meaningless object.

It's really sad.

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What a scumbag

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Saitama is really on a roll this summer, isn´t it! What is it with the concentration of nutcases in that province?

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Saitama is a very large prefecture and a large portion of the tokyo work-force commute from there. You also need to look at the tax, etc structures. NOT saying Saitama is worse.

Examples: Nerima tends to have a good tax-structure for part-time workers and temps, hence why you will find a lot of manga-ka/animators, english teachers, etc living there.

My own ward has very high taxes(highest in japan) so you will get a lot of high-earners there. Lots of foreigners too.

Just saying it depends on the ward/prefecture and they people they attract. Chiba till some time ago was cheap, not any longer.

Just my view.

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Probably it was an automatic window. Once you start the closing process it tries to finish until stop.

On the other topic (Noborito): This is why mobile phones have a "secret" mode, which is protected by a PIN number.

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Saitama I live here. it`s great. I see speeding crazy drivers every day here.

Even BATMAN would have troubles here.

3 weeks ago. I was rifing my bicycle in a farm road. I almost got ran over. He was at least going 60KMH on a dirt narrow farm road.

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Saitama is the SHIZZZZZ NIT.

It`s the place to be for crazy drivers. Police stopped me for riding a bicycle for NOT TURNING MY BICYCLE LIGHT ON.

Then these speeding black tinted cars came by at least going 50KMH . I asked the police why don`t you stop them. He said, " DANGEROUS No STOPPU !!! "

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very mean....

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ANOTHER lunatic from SAITAMA!

No wonder there's a crap load of jobs being posted in that area! No one in their right mind would want to live there!

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what a moron. I am lost for words...

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Fujii was quoted by police as saying, “I didn’t intend to harm her. I thought she would let go once the car started to move."

Women in Japan tend to actually have some amount of common sense, which is quite different from JN guys...

Where you would expect some idiot like this guy, had his hand been inside of a moving car to just keep saying..."But you can't do that..." until he was dragged a kilometer of two.....

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Saitama, the Florida of Japan

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"I...I... I thought she would just let go!"

Let go of what, nimrod? The air she was grasping at with the hand pinned between the window and it's frame? It's not like she was clinging to the glass... wow!

Well, it's no stabbing, but thus continues the trend of senseless daily violence in this country.

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This girl was willing to risk her life for something as meaningless as a cell phone

Marvenp after living here so long you should know that the most important thing for a Jgirl is her keitai (and maybe her LVbag)

i hope he gets a long sentence

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sad that there is the need for a "secret mode" seeing people should be faithful. As for the girl, several posts are correct. who in their right mind would keep their fingers in a window when someone is rolling it up. two idiots.

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"She cheated on him."

Nasty things can happen when one human bean messes around with the emotions of another.


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I guess the guy she was cheating with must be something else if she wants to keep her phone(with his #`s in it) that badly

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like usaronin said, the woman was cheating on him, he saw red, was in shock etc. I live in Saitama (over 4 years), love the place, I go for regular bike rides around saitama and sometimes down to tokyo, and have NEVER witnessed any crime (except for those hot-rods on their motorbikes who speed through red light, whom I've chased down and confronted), although I've def'y seen my share of nutbags and bad drivers, and even WORSE BIKE-RIDERS. Everytime I go riding it's like a death-trap. VERY defensive riding even though I pick up some high speed and ride a lot of the major roads. I see a lot of cops with their chests held high while standing outside their Kobans, but rarely see any action being taken towards all the driving offenses. I was surprised however to see a seatbelt trap once around a corner in Kuki, they busted a woman with her mother (ba-chan) holding their baby in her arms in the front seat (no seatbelts either, hahaha).

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You don't want to hit by a "plan-quadrant" in my home-country.

They block all the roads of in a certain area except for a few roads, everybody gets stopped and interviewed.

If your car or bike seems to be supped up they got a grey truck on standby with a dyno in it. They just drive your car, bike in and test it.

In short there is no escaping them.

Everybody hates those.

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For memyselfl:

It's obvious that you are ignorant about Japanese traffic laws. Let me (try to) enlighten you.

The LEGAL SPEED LIMIT (means the legal speed limit on ANY unmarked road) is 60 KPH. So "speeding" wasn't "speeding" on a narrow, (unmarked) road. I don't care where it is. Unless the speed is marked otherwise by sign, the legal limit for motor vehicles other than mopeds is 60 KPH. Pure and simple, and widely known. (Not that 60 KPH will set any land speed records of course.)

Now be a good gaijin and go to driving school so that you know what you are writing/talking about.

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Well, it's no stabbing, but thus continues the trend of senseless daily violence in this country

this is pathetic, when do you ever give it a rest? constantly trying to make Japan look bad. Why don't you end it with "the world" or add Canada as well, since that's where you're from. A LOT worse things happen over there.

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Yuki 51: Yes, as far as I can understand, the speed limit in the cases you mentioned is 60km/h. I did read the English Version of the Japanese Rules of the Road, which I bought from JAF. In reality this translates to 50...80 km/h real speed depending on traffic conditions, location of speed traps and cameras, one or 2 lanes, and so on. This is what I notice in daily life in Ibaraki.

Compared, to where I am coming from, I can drive much more relaxed here in Japan.

From Zen_Builders explanation, I expect he comes from Germany. There police is much stricter and enforces the rules. Anyhow, both countries, Japan and Germany have a system, where drivers can collect "bad points" for bad behavior. So far I have zero points in both countries, so it seems following the rules is not so difficult.

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Another case of a young woman who made the right choice by ditching a guy. When she grabbed her phone, I am sure she didn't expect him to roll up the window and drag her down the street. Lesson learned, could have turned out much worse.

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Saitama, a wonderful place to live? I have a funny story about that place, or at least it was funny when I told it. I was catering at a party for Japanese VIP'S in Chicago a few years ago, when the Chicago Japanese consulate and his VIP friend from Jetro showed up, with the party being hosted by a big trading firm. As I was demonstrating the food making as part of the show, the consulate said very arrogantly, ""Why are you using the a-style ingredents of menu making. My mother only uses the b-style of ingredients when making that dish." I explained that traditionally in the country side, the b-style of ingredients are used, but in Tokyo they utilize the a-style of ingredients. "But I'm from Saitama Pref." he protested proudly. (All conversation going on in Japanese). I replied without missing a beat "That's REALLY Inaka". He became so upset that both he and his co-horts refused to talk to me the rest of the night. And when we say Saitama, let's differentiate between Kawaguchi and all the rest of it.

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Go Go GO Saitama,

how many nutcases have a base in this place anyway

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