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Man arrested for drift driving after 4 injured


Police said Monday that a 23-year-old man is under arrest in Kawasaki after he lost control of his car and injured four pedestrians, while drift driving.

According to police, the man was attempting to drift around a bend in the early hours of Sunday when the back wheels of his car skidded onto the sidewalk. TBS reported that the rear section of his car injured four men who were on the sidewalk at the time of the incident.

Police say the driver was arrested at the scene and that the four victims sustained only minor injuries.

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Go to a track! Dummy!

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Please put this guy on the side walk. Tell him to stand there. Get someone to drift on him so he can get a clue.

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The flops really need to clamp down on this rubbish! In Oz the cops have a zero tolerance policy. Anybody caught street racing or even doing a burnout is immediately suspended from driving and their car is impounded and crushed. They then use the footage of the cars being crushed for television campaigns. However, the cops also organize race days, where the hoons can race against the cops giving the hoons some sort of outlet for their need for speed.

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wait for the summer idiot !!!!

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He shouldn't be drifting on public roads at all Whiskeysour.

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I like disillusioned 's idea.

Why is it that those kind of good ideas are so locally restricted, for lack of a better term?

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too much fast and furious on tv huh?..

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They're still doing this? I would have thought all the idiots doing it would have gone broke by now buying tires to replace the ones they wore out.

If you HAVE to drift, do it on a race track where the only one you'll injure is yourself. These four pedestrians are very lucky they weren't killed. The driver is very lucky they weren't killed as well.

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"attempting to drift"

Just for that alone the person needs to lose his license and repay any and all damages.

Idiots like this are future hit and run drivers.

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Four people were drowned last year attempting to drift on a road near the ocean.

The number 4 appearing in both accidents is significant.

Yes, you may have practiced drifting when you were alone but having that new girl and her friends in the car for the first time it is precisely NOT the time to attempt drifting.

A fully loaded car is EASIER to slide and much harder to stop or control compared to a lighter vehicle.

Bottom line, grow up.

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This isn't even close to how it sounds.

The guy was in an area where people drift every weekend believe it or not.

The 4 people who got hit were definitely fans watching.

Not saying its not his fault, but there's no other reason to be on that island passed midnight. There are no houses there.

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The 4 people recieved minor injuries. They were from Saitama and came all the way down to watch the drifting. The driver himself was the one who called the cops after the incident. For those who can read: http://sankei.jp.msn.com/affairs/news/130120/dst13012014590008-n1.htm

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