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Man arrested for employing student at 'delivery' call girl business in Kanagawa


A 34-year-old man was arrested under the Child Welfare Law on Tuesday for allegedly dispatching a 16-year-old high school girl to hotels in February and May this year for the purpose of having her engage in prostitution.

Kunihiko Suzuki, manager of Cawaii! - a “delivery health” business based in Yamato City - has admitted to the allegations and said: “I knew she was under 18 but I thought she’d make a lot of money, so I ended up using her.”

According to the company’s homepage, the business charged 18,000 yen for one hour and 26,000 yen for 90 minutes, and the girls could bring uniforms or other costumes at the customer’s request.

A 44-year-old man working at Cawaii! saw a message posted by the girl from her cell phone on an Internet bulletin board in November last year, in which she asked if someone could help a 16-year-old girl out. He has already been charged, police said.

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Why is the 14-year-old kid pay 600,000yen if he could have just gone to Cawaii for 18,000?

Ah Japan, you have such a seedy underside!

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and the girls could bring uniforms or other costumes at the customer’s request.

Where are those darling customers? I"d like to see their faces.

44 year old man, having so much time for himself, desperate to make lots of money, uses the bulletin board to seek out innocent girls.

The school I attended had a regulation that you cannot go in your school uniforms after school hours. And if you were found in a club or some illegal place, anyone could inform the school about it. If proven guilty, then you could be expelled from school and the other schools usually do not admit expelled students. At that time, all this sounded silly, but then this was the way the schools and parents tried to prevent incidents like this.

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uses the bulletin board to seek out innocent girls.

Innocent? Really? I highly doubt that. She was registered on those bulletin boards for one reason. And as for the guy, he's a filthy perv who needs to be locked up.

What is it, seriously? A barely physically developed 12 year-old wins a freakin' BIKINI contest, and then somehow, the police are suprised when a case like this turns up.

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that 16-year old girl is a prostitute, unworthy of child protection laws. real child victims are kidnap victims; little kids chained to beds, etc. she knowingly/willingly took money for something which she knew was a criminal act. not once but, repeatedly. did anyone have a gun held to her head? her parents' heads? her siblings'? i think not. the joke is, she'll go free & keep her money while e'eryone else gets their pants pulled down. have mercy on her soul.

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There is innocence and stupidity mixed with that girl. Innocent because she resorted to a cheap way to make money. Stupid, because she thought that she has fooled the system and that she will never get caught. Somewhere it has to begin, where the school girls have to be taught how to live a decent life. LV purses and beautiful bodies do not guarantee a future financial security.

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“I knew she was under 18 but I thought she’d make a lot of money, so I ended up using her.” ...at least there was some logic there.

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I have started to wonder about some of these quotes we are often given on this website. Either this site intentionally mis-quotes in order to troll for responses or Japanese criminals are in fact the stupidest criminals in the world.

Let's just play the scenario out. Your online business is about to go down the crapper because you have been accused of facilitating underage prostitution.

Choice A: "Holy hell, I had no idea she was underage. We have an indepth hiring process, she must have used a fake I.D."

Choice B: "Damn, when I first saw her and she told me she was only 16, I thought to myself, man she can make me a lot of money with that 16 year old booty.

I wonder which one I would chose if I were a crimimal in the same situation. LOL.

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And tell me there aren't another 10,000+ of these underaged girls in japan doing the same thing!!!!!

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BINGO ratpack! I travel through Shimbashi and Yurakucho often and see the wee ones getting into cars that is being driven by the looks of it, Granddad. I maybe full of shite but that's a lot of Grandpas scooping up only little girls, have yet to see a bot get picked up...

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It is reasons like this that Japanese men have real bad reputations overseas as well as in Japan of being perverts. I know it may happen in other countries but it seems to be more prevalent in Japan...

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And the February and May Johns? Probably off-duty police sargeants!

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techall: they were undercover and doing their duty,while laying back and thinking of Japan.

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I don't see what all the fuss is about, this is not our country, it's Japan. They have their own culture, different then all of ours. Lately it seems most of the members here are prudish puritans or the like. This story really has nothing to do with your lives nor is it hurting you. Who cares what these guys or girls do in their spare time? Atleast they are using a "legitimate" service and not going out raping or kid knapping.

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Its illegal in this country too Societymike.

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Every single time one of these guys get caught is because they found some underaged girl on a bulletin board. You'd think they'd learn by now.

It makes me wonder about Japanese society in general. Where are these girl's parents? Why are there so many customers desiring underaged prostitutes? The survival of any business depends on demand. If there was no demand for underaged girls, there would be no business to support it. So you have to wonder about the sexual desires of Japanese men.

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Atleast they are using a "legitimate" service and not going out raping or kid knapping.

Well, following oyu logic, that souldn't be of our interest either. So why we read JapanToday at all, it is not our country, it shouldn't bother us.

mittsu: I guess the lack of English skills at this age would be prevent them to deliver. :)

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Girls can be married at age 16 here. If they are not in HS, then they can have sex with whomever they please, but not for money. Guys can be arrested for having sex with under 18 only if they are in hs. So confusing.

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Some of us are married and have children here. That's what the fuss is about.

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This is a very, very sick society! Or all prostitution should be legalized?? It maybe sick but Japan is Japan and we are not going to change their morals overnight, but me thinks having the names and pictures of the pervs who pay for minors posted all over the internet, newspapers etc..would help them feel some shame here.

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I thought Japanese kids are always engaged in many school activities that it would be difficult for them to get into this. Sad, that these kids do not report these incidents when approached by males for the sake of being used like this.

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