Man arrested for fatally abusing 2-month-old son


Police in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture, have arrested a 23-year-old man for abusing his two-month-old son by breaking his arm in May 2014. After the boy died last November, police opened an investigation into the case.

Shota Uchida is suspected of abusing his son Takahiro at a relative's house in Ichihara City and breaking his right arm. Takahiro died of an exogenous stroke at home in November. Police believe the boy's death was the result of being hit in the head, Fuji TV reported.

Uchida was first arrested for violation of the Road Traffic Law shortly after Takahiro's death.

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Uchida was first arrested for violation of the Road Traffic Law shortly after Takahiro’s death.

For what? Driving while beating an infant?

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Put him in a crowded foreign jail and tell everyone he murdered a baby.

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OK, so, I am assuming that this is an article taken from other news wire/news organisation reports, as it seems to be rather short, lacking in details and not particularly well written.

There a few different facts thrown together in this article that are not clearly organised and fully fleshed out.

So, let's see if I understand.

In March 2014, Uchida is suspected of abusing his son by breaking his arm. His son was 2 months old at the time. At the time, nothing was done/no charges filed because nothing was suspected. However, now charges are being filed on this. Question: Why now? What caused them to pursue charges now?

In November 2014, the son, then 10 months old, died at home of an exogenous stroke, which police believe was the result of being hit in the head. Question: Why do they believe this? And if this was the case, why wasn't any action taken at the time?

Shortly after the son's death in November 2014, Uchida was arrested for violating the Road Traffic Law. Question: Was this completely unrelated to matters related to the child? What was the arrest for? Did the arrest then lead to the police further investigating the circumstances around the child's death?

Many details are missing here.

One observation. If the police are now arresting him for the March 2014 suspected abuse and they believe that Uchida was involved somehow in causing the child's death, then obviously the arrest for the March 2014 abuse allegation is a way for them to get him into the box to interrogate him on the circumstances around the child's death in November.

While I always am suspicious of the methods employed when Japanese police gain confessions and would want them to ensure no coerced confessions happen here, I do hope that they are able to get the truth here, whatever it may be.

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I want to hear his lame excuses later..."He wouldn't stop crying, no matter how much I beat him"

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It will be interesting to see what reasoning the justice system uses if he's given a light sentence.

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Just two months old and murdered by the father who's meant to feed, protect and raise him.

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Two months old. TWO MONTHS OLD. Like many of my JT colleagues, I have serious trouble trying to get my head around this. Seriously?

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I have a ten month old son, taking a nap next to me as I write this. They are the most insanely precious, and insanely vulnerable, things in the world. All I do is worry about his well being. The idea that anyone could ever willfully harm a baby is so bizarre and repulsive to me it is hard to even comprehend, you have to be the most depraved kind of monster in the world to do something like that.

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He should never be allowed to live in a civil society again...EVER.

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He should never be allowed to live in a civil society again...EVER.

he will be soon be dispatched to deal with the society ,,, I just don't get it if the punishment is not for enhancing fear to the perpetrator to not to do it again what's the point of capturing him , if we are afraid to kill someone because he did a crime and japan is a majority elderly society you can just label his name by a mark and set him free with a ticket inside his home that he is a criminal ,,, he can find his job ( don't shut his future dream of finding a job but just put him with other people will the same situation and tax him very badly ) in order to avoid crimes like that ,,,,,,,, and I doubt it will be a deterrence for a long time

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@DEATH2001 So you mean to advocate for the death penalty here?

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This article is very confusing. He broke the boy's arm in May but the boy died from a stroke after being hit in the head in November? So was he arrested for breaking the arm or blow to the head? He wasn't 2 months old in November if the first incident happened in May.

In any case, he should have been arrested in May and never be allowed to meet the child again in the first place.

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Infants and little children are mostly irresistibly adorable, to say nothing of his 2-month-old son. So if the man's physical abuse could have unmistakably led to his son's death, what he has done is completely beyond my comprehension.

And according to NHK, he posted in the Facebook that his son had been abducted by 児童相談所 or a child consultation center. I was simply dumb founded.

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Poor little boy. I wish I could hold him in my arms.

I'd be willing to wager that the father was abused as a child. He was a poor little boy too, once upon a time.

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Man arrested for abusing his 2 year old, MAN? Poor little soul please give him to us we would have loved and taken care of him if he were still alive as our own.

.Tessa:Your wager perhaps is true but not all of us that were abused as children grow up this way., some of us at least survive, live to tell the tail and vow never to repeat our fathers mistakes.

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What's going on in Chiba the city is making a lot of negative headlines lately.

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