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Man arrested for fatally stabbing 28-year-old son


Police in Hachioji, Tokyo, said Sunday they have arrested a 64-year-old man for fatally stabbing his 28-year-old son at their home.

According to police, company employee Tadao Ishii stabbed his son Hiroki, 28, a part-time worker, in the chest as he slept at around 3 a.m. Saturday. TBS reported that Ishii turned himself in to police at around 10 a.m. the same day.

According to police, Ishii told them that he, his wife and daughter had been on the receiving end of physical abuse from his son three times. Police said Ishii had consulted them about the matter but had declined to file a criminal complaint.

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Two wrongs don't make it right...should have gone to the police and filed a complaint. Now you have to go to jail

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Sad that he could not think of another solution.

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Another case of a 28 year old son still living with his parents. Doesn't say if he was employed or not but there's no excuse for brutality - especially if he was lodged and fed for "free". That doesn't excuse the father for killing him either, it's just a pity he didn't file a "criminal complaint" when he could have (although sometimes they don't take those complaints too seriously either, as we have seen in "other" news lately...)

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Kicking him out of the house wasn't an option?

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It's difficult to understand another Japanese family's relationship with their children today. So many variables take place. By western standards, throwing his stuff on the sidewalk and saying hit the road Jack may be what many of us think would solve a problem. Involving the police is a rare situation too. There is the family court to consult but who knows if they would just say, go home and work it out. Too complicated. Very sad but don't we read about these things happening day after day?

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I wonder what sort of reception Ishii received. Did he go to his local koban and tell the police officers there that his son was physically assaulting him and the rest of the family? What did the police officers advise Ishii could do? How did they respond? With compassion and sympathy? Or shoganai desu ne?

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Not enough details to know what the cops said originally, what the father told the cops originally and the details of the physical assault by the son. No one can judge who is at fault here but wish things would have been resolved more peacefully.

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In general Japanese police are very ready to use "domestic affairs" as a reason (excuse?) not to do something. Eerily reminded me of the police's non-action on stalking cases.

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shame on the father for not reporting the abuse. Now he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

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The father did report the abuse.

Sounds like dad should have woke his son up first.

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Seems like the family had discussed the son's abuse towards the wife and daughter, perhaps the son abused them again and the father just lost it. If you report the problem to the police they don't want to get involved in family matters they want you to handle it. Oh well I guess the police can handle it, sad the father has to go the legal route because of this.

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Police said Ishii had consulted them about the matter but had declined to file a criminal complaint.

This is where the problem lies. Even after consulting with the police, the father chose not to file a criminal complaint and to kill his son. Why wouldn't you file a criminal complaint? The reason is the answer to all family abuse cases. Because the punishment is too light and abused family members know he will retaliate.

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oh boy another stabbing

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Police said Ishii had consulted them about the matter but had declined to file a criminal complaint.

Why is this even an option? Call the cops about abuse? Person gets charged. End of story. Three times? Good lord. This is why so many young adults in this country are useless. Their parents let them get away with being jobless, lazy and abusive.

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