Man arrested for fatally stabbing father in Saitama


Police in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture, have arrested an unemployed 43-year-old man on suspicion of murder after he fatally stabbed his 77-year-old father at his parents' home.

According to police, Kazuhiro Ishikawa stabbed his father Hiroshi in the chest with a knife at around 6:40 p.m. on Thursday, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police said Ishikawa had visited his father and mother with his 37-year-old fiance and that he and his father got into a heated argument, resulting in Ishikawa stabbing his father.

Ishikawa's mother rushed to a nearby construction company for help, and police were called. When they arrived at the house, they found the victim on the living room floor, bleeding from the chest. He was taken to hospital where he died shortly after arrival.

After the incident, Ishikawa fled to his 41-year-old brother’s house 700 meters away, taking the knife with him. Police took him into custody late Thursday night.

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Maybe he wanted to move his unemployed self and his "fiance" into papa's house, and he was having none of it

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Please forgive me, but as I read this article, I noticed an advertisement for Japanese knives (Kamata?) directly beside it (big picture of two knives).... terrible incident though.

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Is she still going to be his fiance after this incident?

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No doubt he "Didn't think about it" and just snapped, as so many do here. Well, now let him think about it in prison... for 25 years to life, please.

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That's one family murder every day for the fortnight over Christmas/new year period. I guess it's only a problem if you acknowledge it as one. TIJ!

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