Man arrested for forging prized popsicle sticks to win Pokemon cards


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well, at least you know that people really love pokemon.

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So glad dangerous criminals are being arrested.

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45 years old and wanting Pokémon cards? The scary thing is they probably weren’t for one of his kids, he wanted them for himself. (Shudder)

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Another year, another manchild.

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Arrested for fake popsicle sticks???

I've known of cases here recently where certain people can fraudulently obtain the benefit of $millions and the prosecutors say "Nothing here".

At least they're on top of it.

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A 43 year old forging ice block sticks to get Pokémon cards? Seriously? What’s the bet he still lives at home with his mum and is unemployed too? What a loser!

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Great! Good job Japan!

I feel much safer now

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Man I do love a good Onion article. Wait...this isn’t The Onion.

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No doubt he will be arrested. Police love sure conviction to add to their 99.9% rate. Someone is itching for a promotion.

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You set up easy to forge items, stuff like this will happen.

Just ask clubs/bars that give out easy to reproduce slips of paper, as drink coupons.

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Good thing the cunning suspect has been arrested anyway.

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Aren't the lucky popsicle sticks have serial numbers or special identifying markers

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Where's the part where it says he's unemployed and still lives at home with his parents?

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He really really wanted those Pokémon cards. Hehehe!

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I say they should have sent him a dud or a really common Pokemon card for each one he sent in. It helps remove all of the dud cars from inventory and those that legitimately won would get a higher value card. Win-win! (^o^)/

Or better yet send some other non-Pokemon card. What's he going to do? File a complaint?

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it's funny how this news about an old man forging popsicle sticks shows how the police investigated and did arrest the criminal, just for 25 paper cards...

while the previous report about sexual assault multiple times by a man, was not detailed and it shows the man even though he did crimes and police knew about it he was released...

money is more important?!

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Takashi Ono, 43, is suspected of attempting fraud after he sent 25 fake popsicle sticks

This is a 43 year old who sends 25 fake Popsicle sticks. 25 no less!!! A 43 year old!!! To be able to get 25 of those sticks you have to consume thousands of Popsicles! And this 43 year old genius does not think sending 25 of them from the same address would not be seen as suspicious at all...

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The good thing is, that such a little ’nothing’ is already counted a major crime and finds even a place in the news. That luckily indicates a very low crime rate compared with the whole rest of the planet.

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The lengths some people will go to for next to nothing. Loser. That said, I sure hope this is treated for the very, very minor crime that it is. People here get a year or two for murdering kids; surely a fine is in order.

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