Man arrested for growing hemp in Fukuoka apartment


Police said Friday they have arrested a 44-year-old man for growing hemp at his apartment in Fukuoka city.

Police said they seized 50 hemp plants, some as tall as a man, from the balcony of the apartment of Yoshihiko Hoashi, 44, a part-time worker in Sawara Ward, NTV reported.

Hoashi was quoted by police as saying that he grew the hemp for personal use.

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Hemp? Why not call it by some of its other names,,,mary jane, ganja, weed, herb, but hemp? The guy shoulda told the police he was growing it to make ropes, not knowing it was really marijuana.

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Police said they seized 50 hemp plants....Hoashi was quoted by police as saying that he grew the hemp for personal use

50 plants is not "personal use", bro, unless you're making rope and textiles.

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I thought hemp was for making new age clothing and bags for Eco friendly life... So I can smoke my Eco friendly bag? Lmao.

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I thought it could be used as a skin cream. I have a tube of Hemp hand cream in my desk right now. The general public is not allowed to make their own? My friend would be in big trouble. She makes her own soap using a variety of items. Scary.

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Apparently, hemp is legally cultivated in Japan. If he was arrested for growing hemp, it might have been for doing it without a license?

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Nessie- I'm in total agreement. Two or three plants in your closet is personal use. 50 plants in your apartment is a factory. Nobody could function smoking that much product alone.

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The article fails to tell us whether there is a law against growing hemp in Japan. If so, why? What this article should have told us is that he was arrested for growing cannabis, hemp's happy cousin.

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Not the sharpest knife in the draw is he?

If you're going to grow this stuff on your balcony, don't let it reach a height where it can be seen by everyone, including the local constabulary...

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Who is he hurting? Let him go! Let him go!

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I agree with Mirai Hayashi! Let him go!

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Hemp and Marijuana although related are not the same. You could smoke hemp but you won't get a high. I can't even buy online any hemp products like nutritional hemp seeds or anything else made from the Hemp plant. Hemp seeds are used in Japanese bird seed and other condiments with Hemp grown in Japan.

It is time Customs over here learnt of the difference between Hemp and Marijuana.

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Japanese laws pertain to hemp, which includes Marijuana. Whether he had three plants or 50 makes no difference under law here. You're for the slammer either way.

Saying it is for personal use might just save him from having to confess the names of all his friends who smoked it with him, (or his customers) leading to their arrests too, if he can withstand the unpleasant psychological methods which will now be used on him for weeks to come. Confession (grassing) will get him relief.

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All drugs should be legalized. Prohibition didn't work.

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Not all drugs... some drugs like cocaine and meth are seriously harmful.

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Not all drugs... some drugs like cocaine and meth are seriously harmful.

Harmful in huge doses, just like alcohol, cigarettes, or any other drugs. But if they are legalized and regulated, they can be made to be safe just like any other drug.

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As nomonkeynolife stated. He was probably arrested for license reasons or tax. Or where he was doing it was probably the problem. If he had a legit farm it would probably be no problem.

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Industrial Hemp was bred to not include much THC at all, such that the desire to smoke it has no value. That way it becomes a great crop for canvas and clothes, something that can be grown and used locally rather than imported.

Alas, if only the article included any information at all we might know what the laws are, why the man was arrested, why this is important?

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thought it could be used as a skin cream. I have a tube of Hemp hand cream in my desk right now.

It's good stuff - but stay away from Hong Kong with it, the Body Shop there had to remove it from the shelves cos the HK cops got their knickers in a twist.

Confession (grassing) will get him relief.


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Strange world where you can be arrested for growing plants. People in the future will look back and shake their heads in disbelief.

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It's a waste of taxpayers money, sending this guy to prison for growing plants! For those that may be curious here's good discussion on the long history of hemp in East Asia (specifically Japan and Korea)

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Balcony is not a good grow spot.

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coz its hemp!

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50 hemp plants on his balcony? Not exactly subtle, is he?!

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Here in California, many of our natural herb shops sell hemp oil which is a derivativeof the hemp plant and it is thought to be a cure for cancer.Cancer here is in epidemic proportions and a cancer victum will try anything to stay alive.

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i gotta agree with anderson, if you haven't seen what meth does to people, families, and communities, you have no idea what's goin on man.

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I can't believe the number of people saying legalise this stuff... I'm guessing you smoked/smoke it yourself?

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Yes and yes.

Frankly, I'm surprised you're surprised. Surveys show that over half of all Americans have smoked cannabis at least once. Personally, I enjoy it regularly.

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I'm not an American.

Here in Scotland Cannabis it's a Class C drug, so possession will get you an on-the-spot fine. Some wanted it legalised, but the majority of us were against it, as were the politicians. MJ will have you locked up.

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You said it was an on the spot fine. How is it you'll get locked up?

Anyways, I'm sure the percent of Scots that smoke is quite large, too, so again you shouldn't be surprised so many people are for legalizing it.

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Legalize it and tax it!

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Bravo, J-cops, for collaring this guy and keeping that poison off the streets of Japan. Now, keep him locked up for a long, long time. He's of no value to your society.


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Stranger... MJ is a Class B drug. Possession is an offence, and depending on the amount will either be sent to jail for a short term or receive a hefty fine and community service. Selling MJ will have you locked up for a considerable time.

Cannabis is a Class C drug. Possession will have you receiving a fine. Growing and selling will be prison sentences.

Drug users are a danger to themselves and, behind the wheel, a danger to others. The Japanese don't need this filth, so I am totally in favour of more arrests like this.

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MJ (marijuana) and Cannabis are two words for the same thing.

"Drug users" implies all drugs are the same, which they are not. You sound quite ignorant on this subject.

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