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Man arrested for hammer attack on 16-year-old girl in train station toilet


Police in Tokyo said Tuesday they have arrested a 36-year-old man on suspicion of assaulting a 16-year-old by attacking her with a hammer in the women’s toilet at JR Kameido Station in Tokyo on Monday.

Police said the suspect, Masaru Sakata, of no fixed address, has admitted to the charge.

The incident occurred just after noon on Monday at the train station in Koto Ward. The girl went into the toilet and a man ran in and hit her with a hammer, Fuji TV reported. The suspect then fled by exiting from the ticket gates.

The girl was taken to hospital with a head injury but her injuries were not life-threatening, police said.

The girl said he was wearing navy work clothes and had a navy towel wrapped around the top of his head. She said she could see his face, but added she did not know the man.

Police analyzed station and street surveillance footage to try and identify the suspect.

Police said Sakata was picked up in Chiba Prefecture on a misdemeanor charge on Tuesday. He matched the description of the girl’s assailant captured on surveillance camera footage.

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he should be put in jail

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I feel sorry for that poor girl who is going to now have serious trust and mental health issues because of this.

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It’s not yet a positive ID , my thoughts for the girl , it could have been my kid.

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The same way it is impossible to keep some stubborn men out of the women only carriages?

Good point, we had a poster here once who was quite proud of his getting on the carriages and causing concern. It goes to show that determined people will ignore the so-called social "norms" to gratify whatever purpose they have the urge to carry out.

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Another idiot who needs to be locked away for 10+ years.

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Untreated mental illness.

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