Man arrested for hiding mother's body in concrete block, fraudulently receiving her pension


Police said Friday they have arrested a 53-year-old man in Honjo, Saitama Prefecture, for fraudulently collecting his dead mother's pension for over three years.

According to police, the man, who has been named as Kanji Takeuchi, was arrested on a separate charge on June 8, at which time police realized his mother was not living at the property as records indicated. Fuji TV reported that an investigation was carried out, during which Takeuchi's mother's remains were found encased in concrete in the bathroom of the house they had shared.

Police quoted Takeuchi as saying that he had hidden his mother's body three years ago after she died of natural causes, so that he could continue to fraudulently collect and live off of her pension. Police estimate that Takeuchi had received about 1.9 million yen in payments since her death.

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Natural causes, really? and guess what Saitama?

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Kinda makes you wonder how many more are out there.

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Saitama again?!?!

fraudulently collecting his dead mother’s pension for over three years

Police estimate that Takeuchi had received about 1.9 million yen in payments since her death

7 man per month?

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Guess when your desperate for money, people will do crazy things....

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Mom must be so proud.

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@Get Real: Let me re-calculate for you... 5.2 maan/ montth

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thats another reason why japanese ppl officially live very long. in greek, this is a common practice as well

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