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Man arrested for keeping mother’s body in apartment for a year


Police in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, have arrested a 38-year-old man after he kept his mother’s body in their apartment for a year.

According to police, Ryotaro Taniguchi, a company employee, lived with his mother – who was bedridden -- until she died at the age of 76 in June last year. He was quoted by police as saying his mother died of an illness and that he didn’t want to spend money on a funeral for her.

On Friday, Taniguchi told a work colleague about his mother and his colleague contacted police who found the woman’s skeletonized remains in a futon.

Police are investigating to see whether Taniguchi continued to receive his mother's pension payments after her death.

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"Police are investigating to see whether Taniguchi continued to receive his mother's pension payments after her death." Of course he did. Why else would you live with your mother's rotting corpse for a year? That, and "he didn’t want to spend money on a funeral for her."

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Of course he continued to collect her pension. Suspicions would have been raised if the pension was cancelled.

The moral issues behind these ‘way too common’ cases of keeping relatives’s bodies at home are sickening. In this case, it is his mother who raised him and looked after him all her life until her death and this piece of trash just rolled her up in a futon and left her to rot so he could get her pension. I would not be at all surprised if he had a hand in her death as well.

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How did he managed smell?

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Do the hustle.

Very good points especially regarding the 'way too common' comment on the sheer number of these cases.

Like Satedaya asked,I wonder how he and all the others coped with the smell of having a corpse in the house particularly during Summer.

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I don't see anything wrong with living with one's mother. I do. And I'd never do such a thing. Oh, and I'm mentally disabled for all those who blame mental diseases for criminal behaviour.

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There is a definite possibility that his motivations may have been pension related. Maybe, we can't be too sure

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he didn’t want to spend money on a funeral for her.

Utter scumbag. I bet he kept drawing her pension, though.

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He was probably mourning her.

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wow thats really creepy

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He had a job, too. So, it's not like he was living off of her pension.

OTOH, he may have had a porn/pachinko/gambling/prostitute/hostess bar problem that required the extra cash.

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I don't have anything against living with one's parents, it's normal in Asia. Weirdly, the Japanese are not good in keeping a functioning relationship with most family members, may they be living together or apart. It is as if their parents become "disposable" after they've served their purpose. An exampleis this  person who didn't want to spend money to bury his own mother but was probably very much willing to suck on her pension.

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Japan has some real WEIRDO's but this is REALLY SICK ... He didn't want to spend money on a funeral. What a lame excuse for a person to use. imagine the smell of rotting flesh in that apartment.

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