Man arrested for kicking father to death


A man in Saitama Prefecture has been arrested for allegedly kicking his 64-year-old father to death.

The man, who has been named as 38-year-old security guard Koichi Nakamura, is accused of beating his father, Yukio Nakamura, to death at their home in Sakado in May. Fuji TV quoted police as saying that Nakamura is suspected of kicking his father in the head over 10 times in the attack.

During police questioning, Nakamura said he and his father got into an argument after he refused to eat the yakitori his dad bought.

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Still living at home when you're 38? What a loser. Now this. See if you like eating prison food.

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I thought it was normal to be in your 40's and still live at home in japan! And how ungrateful is this guy,refusing to eat yakitori his dad bought.

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Lack of self control, lack of respect, lack of decency and lack of the back bone and mental intelligence to get out and live in his own place, this guy is a low life scum bag for kicking his father in the head once let alone 10 times.

Hang this self centered azzhole, scum like this should not be allowed to breathe.

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That's some serious anger and hatred to be kicking your own father to death. What a horrible way to die.

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The dangers of yakitori! - This child killing parent or parent killing child stuff just doesn't stop, does it? That's three in the last week and they are only the ones that made the news.

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Ah, Japan! Wouldn't pass the remote? KILL THEM! Complain about a phone bill? KILL THEM. Won't stop crying? KILL THEM! Tried to disconnect internet? KILL THEM! Bought yakiniku? KILL THEM!

I sometimes wish they would do follow-up stories on these people and how they like life in prison after blowing a gasket and killing a relative over something so incredibly minor and mundane.

I hope this 38 year old loser gets his just desserts in prison, and of course lives to complain about it.

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@smithinjapan: I agree with you completely. Some follow-up on where these guys go as well as some look at why they snapped in the first place would do a lot to help people understand why this happens, and make others think twice about their actions. Of course there are the "wide shows," but they just make a sensationalized mess of everything.

Personally, I think that people are wound so tightly here that it doesn't take much for people to completely snap. And I doubt the situation will improve until people start to see some hope in their future.

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OMG! How many of these have I read so far...What is with their kids beating their parents. This is just bad, shame on those idiots who do such thing....

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I'm surprised the nut killed someone older than himself. usually in this country the nuts go after and kill children.

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I still believe that this cultural practice of adult children never leaving home should stop. You have to be weaned at some point.... This would not have happened had this man been in his own kitchen.

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