Man arrested for killing protected Nara deer


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That would need to be one expensive car if he was that determined to kill it after going there to play with the deer.

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There used to be a bunch of ducks that swam in a river near my house. They got so fat from being fed by parents and their children that they couldn't fly. Then the homeless people discovered these fat juicy ducks and they ate them all. Now there are no more ducks, but, on the brighter side, the homeless people got their bellies full.

Maybe the guy in this story was just looking for an free and yummy meal.

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Typical coward. He didn't go after the buck that "hit" his car, but went after the doe. Real man.

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A ‘buck’ rams the car but kills a ‘doe’. Thanks @dbsaiya 7:39a - Couldn’t make sense of the poor flow and lack of clear terms used in this story.

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The doe probably calmly walked up to him only to be brutally killed with a hatchet. Jail time, please.

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‘buck’ rams the car but kills a ‘doe’.

They are not bucks and does. They are stags and hinds. We're not talking whitetail deer here or red deer!

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The doe probably calmly walked up to him only to be brutally killed with a hatchet. Jail time, please.

Yep, this guy sounds like a psychopath. Lock him up.

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His car at 2am? Hope they breath tested him.

so if he thinks it’s justified to kill a deer for bumping into his car, what would happen if it was a human?

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Sure thing @BernardMarx 8:47a: Cervus nippon Temminck” is a ‘sika’ deer, pronounced in Japan as ‘sHika’. They’re actually a breed ‘spotted deer’ and their local red color varies, with some spots fading with age. They are relatives of elk, so, yes, males are technically “stags” and females “hinds”.

However, globally, most people distinguish males and females as ‘bucks and does”. If the authors used ‘hind’ there may have been more confusion than the way it was already written.

Finally, we don’t think @dbsaiya was trying to offend the more, sensitive ‘species-ists’ in the JT readership, just trying to ‘make sense’ of the generality of the article.

Now, that we’ve completely ‘nerded out’ and ‘bored the internet’, ...

Sorry for the interruption, folks.... we return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

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Playing with the deer at 2 in the morning? Booze involved perhaps?

Either way, he's a psychopath, not fit to be among normal people. He'll be turning his hatchet on noisy kids next.

Lock him up, and give him psychiatric treatment.

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Hang that coward !!..

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.....and winner of Darwin prize of 2021 is...Hayato Yoshii, a 23-year-old construction worker from Mie Prefecture!

what a .......

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However, globally, most people distinguish males and females as ‘bucks and does”.

American?? That is not "global".

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Hope they make him pay dearly.

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Is there anywhere in Japan you can hunt deer? Love some venison.

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Not clear IF he ‘played with the deer’ in the daytime then, ‘returned(?) with a hatchet at 2am? He couldn’t find the male or, was too afraid of the antlers. So, he attacked a female of the harem. Premeditation and planning make the crime even worse. If so, confine him for a few years for killing ‘a messenger of the gods’.

@Tora 3:44p. We can’t forget to answer your query. Early on, we apologized as not to offend any ‘taxonomists’. However, we overlooked the remnants of the former B.E. and her dominions? (Perhaps, till trying to assert their dominance over the world, demanding their English, the ‘mother tongue’, is the only English to be used ‘universally”.) - So, respectfully, please forgive our mishandling of the ‘lingua franca’.

To correct our earlier comments, in our haste, we chose “globally”, referring to ‘most places and situations’. We should have used “universally’, meaning ‘in a universal manner; most commonly used.”

So, to conclude, ‘buck’ is universally, the ‘younger male’ of ANY of the ‘Family: cervidae’, while the term ‘stag’ is restricted to ‘the more mature of most deer, elk and moose’ species.

If anyone learns the disposition or, more details of this case, please post it. We’d like to know if ‘additional community service’, like cleaning public parks, is a possible additional punishment in Japan?

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Oh dear!!! The deer eat my roses and poop everywhere. I don't have a "RAT TRAP" big enough to catch these rodents!! They are terrible they destroy everything!!

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What a nutjob.

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