Man arrested for killing wife after dispute about his decreased income


Police in Tokyo have arrested a 59-year-old man on suspicion of killing his 57-year-old wife at their home in Edogawa Ward on Sunday night.

According to police, Kazuo Makino, a company employee, has admitted to the charge, Fuji TV reported. He was quoted as saying he slapped his wife Miki several times during an argument at around 11:15 p.m. Sunday. Miki fell to the floor and suffered a head injury. About 45 minutes later, Makino called 119. Miki was taken to hospital where she died of subcutaneous bleeding to the back of her head, doctors said.

Police said Makino told them he and his wife had been drinking alcohol since dinner and that he became angry after she complained about the drop in his income due to the coronavirus. Makino said his wife’s income had also dropped as she been forced to work fewer days due to the pandemic.

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Get used to these stories.

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So, it seems their suspicions about an increase in domestic violence due to lost income during the virus shutdowns were correct. I know from experience that Japanese women can turn into real monsters when the money slows down. Hopefully, sending kids back to school should get them out of the firing line.

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Governments around the world have been warning women not to nag or harass their partners while the lockdown is on.

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Andew Crisp: "Governments around the world have been warning women not to nag or harass their partners while the lockdown is on."

And I hope to gosh you are pointing out the absolute idiocy and sexism of such suggestions. Didn't one nation's leader have to backpedal after saying such garbage? It's not the woman's fault she is dead -- it's the clearly abusive man's fault. Yes, it must be tough losing income, and harder still if couple's fight over what cannot be helped in such situations, but surely there is a better way to resolve it than a physical altercation resulting in death. I mean, what's the man's income going to be now?

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So, it seems their suspicions about an increase in domestic violence due to lost income during the virus shutdowns were correct.

There was never any real suspicion. Only very real warnings. And this is not the first example.

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@Do the hustle, yes it happens disfuncianal relationships don't cope well in unusual circumstances. Chose a partner who supports you and you them. Life is not a deadly game certainly not worth killing anybody over a salery. Partner has no salery...get a job. Seems pretty simple.

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apoligise didn't actually mean to focus on you. You had a valid pont. I was too quick to type.

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She didnt catch the virus but victim of it. Will the cause of her death be result of Covid 19 virus ? Should be !

Many people have and will die due to the surounding effects this virus has created with out coming into direct contact with the damn thing, stress will be one of the biggest killers from it.

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Sad. And sadly, far from the last case we're going to hear about...

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Why it took him 45 minutes to call 119?

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Yes, get used to these stories after yesterday part timers and freelancers realised they’re getting didley from the ¥300,000 handouts. Only severely reduced household incomes over 50% fall in incomes will get help...not worth murdering your spouse over but real issue is the government needs to do something better than their current offer or the pandemic will lead to pandemonium!

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His tax status suddenly changed. Drinking and Coronus do not mix for sure.

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Japanese wives can be very vocal about household finances, she was probably at him for days about it and fueled by alcohol said something to make him snap.

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Her money had decreased too,so what with the unnecessary lip? Alcohol.The world's number one drug.

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Why was she complaining about his dropped income if she knew her own income had dropped?

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Dump ass , didnt engage his brain , no matter what the situation might be , one should stay possitive and share the responsibility and maintain mutual respect. Does it solve the problem after killing the wife? Why they have to react so violently ? The face of a looser .

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

He also must think he’ll get a better lifestyle in jail now too...

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

The government is too late with just about everything! I really feel sorry for the ordinary person here that has to wait weeks and jump through hoops for any type of aid whilst companies receive bailout after bailout in a matter of days...

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Horrible violent killer. Don’t blame the virus for this.

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