Man arrested for making 148 calls to 110 emergency number


Police in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, have arrested a 67-year-old man on suspicion of obstruction of business after he called the 110 emergency number 148 times.

According to police, Ryuzo Nishimura made the calls between 11:10 p.m. on June 20 and 4:30 a.m. on June 21, Kyodo News reported. In some calls, he made threats; in others, he remained silent or just said "Moshi moshi."

Police said they were able to trace the calls to Nishimura’s mobile phone.

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Man! Either this guy needs a life or he has some serious mental issues. But seriously, I hope this guy gets the help he needs.

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The technology to trace your phone has been around since 1978.

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Police said they were able to trace the calls to Nishimura’s mobile phone.What a achievement in 2022!And it took just 148 calls for it!

sugoiiii....irony off

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LMAO....moshi moshi!! Haha!

As a kid we used to phone takeaways to the guy across the street and laugh and guffaw as delivery guy after delivery guy would troop up to the door with bags of food he didn't want. All before Caller ID of course.....good times

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This guy can be hired to get Survey responses ( 148 calls in about 5 hours - can be improved).

Of course, he should be trained to say more than just "moshi moshi"

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Is Mr wall there? No

Is Mrs wall there? No

What's holding your roof up???....yuk yuk yuk...are the stupid things you do as a kid...

wait a second he's 67....

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He should have stopped at 147.

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So 147 is the limit huh.

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Maybe he was having panic attacks

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Desperate for attention, sad really. How many Japanese men in particular that have dedicated their lives to their job, neglecting family life and personal well-being, retire, then... Nothing. Premature death, going crazy like this guy: a serious problem for too many Japanese people who spent too long devoted to something then losing it all in a day.

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Needs to get a hobby or join a social club. There is a psychological reason behind his behaviour. Wants attention and is bored.

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