Man arrested for making 2,060 nuisance calls to Saitama police headquarters


Police in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, have arrested a 67-year-old man on suspicion of fraudulent obstruction of business by making nuisance calls to the prefectural police headquarters. 

Police said, Yoshio Shimada, who was arrested on Monday, has admitted to the allegation, Kyodo News reported. Police said Shimada used his cell phone to make 2,060 nuisance calls to Saitama prefectural police headquarters from 11:15 a.m. on Sept 30 to 8:30 a.m. on Oct 8. 

He verbally abused officers with comments such as “you are taxpayer thieves,” “you’re fired,” and “you’re big old idiots.” The total time spent on the phone calls is said to have exceeded 27 hours. 

According to police, Shimada made nuisance calls to the prefectural police headquarters several years ago, which made him a leading suspect this time. Police arrested him after checking his cell phone.

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Police should investigate all allegations, and if true, he should be set free. Although generalizations, two of these may apply as factual in regard to a small number of accused.

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He verbally abused officers with comments such as “you are taxpayer thieves,” “you’re fired,” and “you’re big old idiots.”

Those POOR officers!

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Easy to solve. Let him just do some boring work like giving him 2,060 paper sheets, a sample, a template and some pencils, and then he has got to draw the outlines, cutting with paper scissors, then folding and bond 2.060 paper envelopes in good and usable quality in his prison cell before he is released. Most probably he gets that lesson well and will refrain from such stupid phone calls after that work is done. That has worked for many less important crime cases for decades, already in last century.

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One would think that after 100 or so calls the cops would do something about it. He really isnt wrong when he said, "you are taxpayer thieves" . If they had done their job in the first place, it wouldnt have gotten to this point.

Not to mention they had the phone number, and could easily find out who it was, if they wanted to of course!

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