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Man arrested for ordering street touts to lure customers to bar


Police in Fukuoka have arrested a 23-year-old man on suspicion of violating the law regulating adult entertainment businesses after he ordered street touts to lure customers into a bar.

Toshiya Matsui, who claims to be self-employed, was arrested by police on Saturday, Sankei Shimbun reported. Matsui is accused of soliciting business for a pub in Fukuoka City’s Tenjin Ward past midnight into the early hours by ordering touts to work on the streets.

According to police reports, Matsui discussed tactics with male touts over the free messaging app Line and instructed them to steer customers to the bar.

An arrest warrant was issued for Matsui after an incident at around 12:40 a.m. on Dec 8, 2019. Matsui and a male tout attempted to lure three customers, who were undercover police officers, to the pub.

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The police would have a field day in Roppongi and Kabukicho if they bothered to enforce this law in those places.

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I remember when this law was created, but I don't recall ever seeing any change in the number of these touts. There are masses of these street touts at all the major stations throughout the greater Tokyo area. Then, there are the others who hassle young women to work in their girly clubs. I don't understand why this one person was singled out and made the news while the other thousands of annoying touts still operate unhindered.

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Could this be the start of a pre-Olympic crackdown?

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It used to be that they would physically grab you.

After the law was passed, at least they don't do that anymore.

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Augh man, its just business no real harm done is their, the johns can always say no and keep walking. These are just people trying to make a wage to pay bills. Leave them alone no need to put undercover, instead pay more attention to increase in drugs that is where they should place the undercover cops.

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Had the opposite experience as a newbie decades ago: With a burly American friend and decently intoxicated, we tried to enter out of curiosity a girly club in Osaka. The young woman at the door repeatedly, politely warned us away (we being gaijin and all), but as we persisted, she suddenly shut down and stepped back into an alcove. Realizing the hammer was coming, we went on our way. Turned out to be best for all, I suppose.

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They don't get it. No one wants to go with a guy (tout), that's where you have females do the job. Every sucker from around the corner will follow them and spend the money.

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Do the cops not have more important things to do?

They do not. Haven't you seen them sound asleep in the Koban from time to time? I certainly have.

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Disillusioned; Because he didn’t Pay.

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Madden: Yes, Excellent Call

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