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Man arrested for poking needle into bread in Chiba convenience store


Police in Chiba said Saturday they have arrested a 57-year-old man on suspicion of poking a needle into bread at a convenience store on Jan 14.

According to police, Akiyoshi Yamamoto went to a convenience store in Chiba City's Chuo Ward and inserted a 4-cm-long needle into a pastry, TV Asahi reported Saturday. After a customer reported finding the needle, the store withdrew all the items on the shelf as a safety precaution.

Yamamoto, who was identified through surveillance camera footage, was quoted by police as saying that he had recently had financial troubles and been distressed. After seeing news of the ruined food, he said he had felt better.

A supermarket located near the convenience store also reported a similar incident on the same day.

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The copycat begins. Glad they caught him very quickly.

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He was caught .. then what ..!! Suspended sentence ..

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They should make him eat a needle.

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Copycat of whom? Needles been found occasionally as far back as I can remember.

Glad I bake my own bread and happy they got the guy. I think combini got the most CCTV per square metre anywhere, stupid to try anything there.

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After seeing news of the ruined food, he said he had felt better.

He felt better after causing financial damage to a business -- with the added possibily of actual physical harm to an unsuspecting stranger? No, nothing clinically wrong with this sociopthic asshat, is there...?

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Glad I bake my own bread

Not really the point. The food could have been anything.

ask themselves why their society breed so many mentally unfit people

How about before they do that, that you take a good, hard look and prove that Japanese society breeds so many more 'mentally unfit people' than other developed countries first?

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57 years old? WTF!!! He was not peeved because of financial difficulties. He's just plain looney!

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I think people need to realize this idea of Japan breeding so many mentally unfit people compared to other countries is a direct function of reading a news site for Japanese news. Read one in another country and you're going to come away with the idea all the loons propagate there.

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He is a copycat. About a week ago, 19-year-old man was arrested because of such a same crime.

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