Man arrested for possessing gunpowder near U.S. Embassy in Tokyo


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Yamagami wannabe.

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I think gunpower is a extremely unsuited to make explosive. Especially you put it into cloth-like cup. The man is watching too many movies.

He has better luck making fireworks than actually a lethal explosive.

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A potentially highly inflammable, (probably not explosive if it wasn't packed tightly), substance carried in a cloth covered "cup". ??

Ok genius. Stand here in this open field, away from any structure or other people, and let's see how your 'bomb' works.

Fire in the hole!!!

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Any kid knows how to make gunpowder, you never needed the internet for that.

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‘Voluntarily’ walked up to an officer and stated ‘I have gunpowder. The internet showed me.’

Am I too cynical, or was this staged to keep the ball rolling on Chinese style Government control of internet access?

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“Raise up Japan” is often told to me by old Japanese who confronted the government and policies during the 60s when they were University students.

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He didn't voluntarily walk up to a cop and say he had gunpowder. He acted suspiciously (according to the article) and the cops stopped him. When asked, he said he was going to throw an "explosive" at the embassy.

Unfortunately for him, (or fortunately, depending on his defense lawyer), gunpowder isn't an 'explosive' unless it's packed densely.

My friend in high school made and lit off gunpowder on his desk; nothing but a sparkling fizzle. Not even a mark on the desk. But, when we packed a lot it in a coke can, kaboom! Not on his desk, of course. We weren't that stupid. He's a pediatrician now.

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Gunpowder was invented in China in the 9th century.

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They stop people all the time around there just for walking past.

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@Tom San Are you saying they had spied way back then? So they actually invented something!

Gunpowder was invented in China in the 9th century.

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Didn't Biden brag saying any patriots using gunpowder to bring down the government was wasting their time ?

Said they need F15s and Nuclear weapons..!

Typical sad Lefty set up trying to deflect / destract news on a failure of government.

They can't even do that right !

Good one Brandon.

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Don't use the Anarchist Cookbook - you're as likely to kill yourself as it is to work

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