Man arrested for posting death threats against Nogizaka46 singer


Police in Tokyo said Thursday they have arrested a 25-year-old man on suspicion of posting death threats on social media against a member of the idol singing group Nogizaka46.

According to police, Daiki Katsumata, of no fixed occupation, posted at least six threats on Twitter between the end of 2015 and this month, in which he threatened to kill singer Mai Shiraishi, 25, Fuji TV reported. He has denied the charge.

Police said that in his messages, Katsumata — who claimed to be a fan of Nogizaka46 —asked Shiraishi to tell him her whereabouts and that he wanted to grab her and strangle her.

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Because that's how immature men in Japan think they can get dates, by threatening bodily harm

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Disgusting loser. having to resort to violence and threats to get a girl.

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".........posted at least six threats on Twitter between the end of 2015 and this month,....."

and they've only just caught him?

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and they've only just caught him?

Yes. And..?

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"I'm a fan."

"I like you."

"Tell me where you are, so I can strangle you."

Huh?!? Generally if you like someone, wouldn't you want to do something fun with them instead?

I think if you have that much free time to waste, how about you grab a broom or rake and clean something instead?

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