Man arrested for sexually assaulting woman in bicycle parking lot in Tokyo


Police in Tokyo have arrested a 47-year-old man on suspicion of sexual assaulting an intoxicated woman in August.

According to police, Hiroshi Hayakawa, a company employee residing in Kawasaki, groped the woman, who is in her 30s, in an apartment building bike parking lot in Ota Ward at around 4 a.m. on Aug 29, Sankei Shimbun reported. The woman told police that the suspect grabbed her breasts and buttocks.

Police said Hayakawa has admitted to the charge and quoted him as saying he was heading home from an izakaya (Japanese pub) when he noticed a drunk woman staggering around JR Kamata Station.

He followed the woman to her apartment building and approached her. When Hayakawa reportedly said, “Let’s go have some fun,” she jabbed him with her elbow. However, he ignored her rejection.

Police said Hayakawa, who was identified after an analysis of street surveillance camera footage, told them: “Since the woman was drunk, I didn’t think she would resist.”

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“Since the woman was drunk, I didn’t think she would resist.”

Yup, he's digging his grave deeper with this. He should've just said he was drunk and couldn't remember.

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My partner was assaulted twice over the last 2 years. She wasn't drunk or scantily clothed either. She managed to escape mostly unscathed on both occasions. Good thing I wasn't around because I'd be typing this from prison. You know how the system works here.

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I feel you. plus, the guy who did the sexual assault will be free and hunting for the next victim by just saying the following magic words "I was drunk I cant remember, I was stressed from work" and the media will publish your pictures for months and he will remain anonymous.

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Well, hopefully he gets a lengthy sentence.........Wait, this is Japan. He'll be out by Halloween night.

And stuff happens outdoors at 4am when you're drunk.

Expect consequences.

If you can't handle them, stay home.

Male and Female.

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Heading home at 4am? I thought the izakayas in Tokyo were supposed to close much earlier than that in order to fight COVID19. After a little to drink, he believed no one could resist his manly charms, especially if he found a woman who had been drinking too.

This took two months to solve. Didn't we see some other story in JT recently concerning an arrest for an assault back in June? The Police are definitely not putting in any overtime in order to get a sexual assaulter off the streets. I wonder how many more women have been molested in the last two months.

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