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Man arrested for shooting ex-girlfriend and her father in Tochigi


Police on Wednesday arrested a 43-year-old man for shooting his ex-girlfriend and her father with a remodeled air gun in front of their house in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, on Monday night. The two victims remain in a critical condition.

Hatsuo Togasaki was found in Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture, by police on Wednesday and arrested for allegedly shooting Rie Akutsu, 30, and her father Takayuki Yamada, 53, around 6 p.m. on Monday. Police found the gun on him at the time of his arrest.

Police said Akutsu consulted them about Togasaki's violent behavior toward her last spring.

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Good thing the father "consulted" with the police, otherwise something serious could have happened.

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justmeinto: Sums it up perfectly ...

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It was the violent, girl-friend-beating ex-boy friend. What a surprise!!!

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However, he has not been found guilty yet so let's hold judgement.

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It was the daughtet that consulted the police, not the father. 30 y/o female complains to the cops about a violent boyfriend, and I'm sure they did a lot of air sucking and several "muzukashiii's" later she left realizing that the buffoons would be of no help.

These cops here are like "order takers" in sales. People too scared to go out and sell something, so they just sit and wait for people to come in and place their orders, only the cops just wait around for people to come in and confess. Or if they get lucky and the victim knows the name and address of the aggressor, and the police go and timidly knock on the guys door.

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Good thing the father "consulted" with the police, otherwise something serious could have happened

right on the money

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Backward society..."consulted" with police...hahaha.

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Just as i expected :(

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It is hard to believe who is who and what is what. Only court can determine who is wrong. This guy must have a good reason to come that far. You should all think about this. I would like to know her version before making any judgment. Don’t believe that his girl is 100% innocent, to me; she drove him to this disturbance. He is wrong,using such approach he could do many different ways for his revenge. 'YES IT IS REVENGE.'

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Don’t believe that his girl is 100% innocent, to me; she drove him to this disturbance.

Are you suggesting that there is a valid reason for SHOOTING and trying to KILL two people?

You're the same person who, in another post today, said

I suggest that all foreign teachers are drug tested every week at least.

in regards to a marijuana arrest. So it's maybe ok for this Japanese dude to try and murder his ex girlfriend and her father, but every single foreign teacher is a potential criminal who should be tested and probably kicked out of Japan?


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Until he actually committed a crime the cops couldn't do much about it, could they? I suppose a "restraining order" could have been issued but I doubt it would have helped.

I fail to see anything that would make me think that the girl "drove" him to do anything. He's a big boy, he wasn't married, he could have just walked away. Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent, to quote Robert Heinlein. I would have to think that anybody who thinks shooting somebody is a good solution for a romantic breakdown ought to get some professional help themselves. Because that is just sick!

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The print media reported that when the GF went to the cops, they issued him a warning, and that was that.

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Wow... So she basically told police to keep a tab on him bc he was violent & they obviously didnt care enough to keep her protected.. What kind of justice system is that?!?!? Now she has to pay for it in hospital bills..

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Is it just me or does he seem to be smiling in his picture? Almost a smirk.

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