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Man arrested for slashing his mother with kitchen knife


Police have arrested an unemployed 42-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder after he slashed his mother with a kitchen knife at their apartment in Tokyo's Adachi Ward.

According to police, the suspect, Takahiro Miki, attacked his 74-year-old mother as she was preparing to go to work on the morning of June 26. Fuji TV reported that Miki slashed his mother’s neck with a kitchen knife with a 16-cm blade.

Police said the woman is in a stable condition in hospital.

According to Miki, two days before the incident, his mother told him “I don't know how long I will be well enough to work, so I need you to get a job as well." He said he quarreled with his mother after she told him to get a job.

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A 45 year old parasite living off his mother and then he turns around and tries to kill her when she tells him to get a job? Lock this scum away for a long time and make sure his sentence includes hard labor!

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@42 yrs old, wow. Why did the mom allow her leeching son to hang around all those years?

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Another Pachinko man ...

4 ( +5 / -1 )

I knew the details of the story, just by reading the headline.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

It seems to be a serious issue in Japan, I wonder if its mostly untreated mental health issues or a fundamental problem with socialisation during childhood and school years.

Firstly that a 42 year old man is living with his mother and she is taking care of him rather than the other way around, and then that he somehow thinks that attacking her is the correct response to what is not only a reasonable comment but crucial for his future wellbeing, is a person so far separated from reality Im not sure what can be done for him.

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I've mentioned on this site before that I know a few guys married Japanese women who went to college, graduated and stayed home till they married years later (early thirties). I marvel at their parents who indulge this behavior. Granted the father, in most cases, has a prospering business. Meanwhile, no job or volunteer work, the women aren't only children, they've got siblings. I wonder whether Takahiro Miki went on to college, graduated and never ever landed any job. Or did he pick up some work now then... One guy I met got his undergrad and grad degrees from Todai and landed a cushy job but left after awhile. He told me he enjoyed the research but didn't care to have it as a career. Some Japanese are well-educated but don't wish to use what they learn while others are aren't and have to scramble for a job then try to hang on to it.

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Police have arrested a 42-year-old unemployed living off mommy who gave him a reality check, a dreaded situation in Japan. OR was he unemployable? Or was he marginalized for some reason , or just did not want to seek work, or was he very picky on the type job he would do,and waited too long, they say Japan's big or many companies have age limits or age ranges. Entrepreneurship, perhaps was not an option? Sounds like he could not get off the tit.

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And the Mum working at 74 to pay the bills......very sad.

The son should have been 'preparing to go to work', not the Mum.

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OMG what a frikken loser! Forcing your old mother to work so you can sit on your @ss. You should be working and taking care of her. Then you attack her for telling you to get a job? Moron, I hope the judge won't accept your "strong regret" and puts you away for a long time.

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I guess he wouldn't even understand that he has to move out after this "incident"

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If he abhors labor - give him thirty years of hard labor! And the mother, if she's still around at 105 (hope it won't take a year but usually the Japanese system means it takes about that long for a verdict), can greet him at the jail gate with a shovel so he can at least dig a grave for her!

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More Class warfare tactics. The guy was crazy despite his employment status.

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Sad he is unemployed at at 42-year of age and his mother is still supporting him at 74. Something is wrong with this "KID" he attacked his mother simply because she said he would have to get a job. The logic is she is tired of taking care of him and that she doesn't know how much longer she can work or possibly live, so he needs to get a job and take care of himself. I hope the meals he is going to get in jail is not as good as the one's he was getting from his mom. Fool should know to never bite the hand that feeds you!!

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