Man arrested for stabbing woman outside apartment in Tokushima Prefecture


Police in Anan, Tokushima Prefecture, have arrested a 57-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder after he stabbed a 57-year-old woman on Monday.

The incident occurred at around 5:05 p.m. at a municipal housing complex, Kyodo News reported. Police said the victim, Sayuri Fujikawa, lives in the building and is in a critical condition.

Police said Masao Yamashita allegedly stabbed the victim in the neck with a fruit knife outside her apartment in the third-floor hallway. Yamashita fled the scene but was apprehended late on Monday night.

Police said Yamashita has admitted stabbing Fujikawa but denied intent to kill.

A man who lives in an apartment on the same floor told reporters, “A man was yelling so loud that I could hear it inside my place.”

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Police said Yamashita has admitted stabbing Fujikawa but denied intent to kill.

Really? Stabbing someone in the neck, even with what sounds like a small bladed knife, certainly could easily result in the victim bleeding out quickly, ie death.

Hopefully the victim recovers physically, but it will take far longer to recover mentally and emotionally.

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...denied intent to kill.

Says the man who deliberately stabbed the victim in one of the most fatal locations on the body.

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