Man arrested for strangling 74-year-old mother to death


Police in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, have arrested a 48-year-old man on suspicion of murder after he strangled his 74-year-old mother to death. 

According to police, Yoshiaki Fujieda, whose occupation is unknown, strangled his mother, Mineko, with a belt at around 8:45 a.m. on Wednesday at their apartment, Sankei Shimbun reported. He then called 110 and told police what he had done.

Police rushed to the apartment and found Mineko lying unconscious in her room. She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead about 90 minutes later.

Fujieda lived alone with his mother in Tsukuba City. Police said he has so far given no motive for killing his mother.

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Here we go again. Poor mother. Don't these guys know that the blueprint is to raise them until 18 then get a job and become independent?

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a) why is a 48 year old man still living with his mother?

b) why did he call the cops? Did he want to get arrested?

c) the stress of this pandemic is crippling everyone - countries are going to need to set up some kind of psychiatric help support system after this is all over

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Here we go again. Poor mother. Don't these guys know that the blueprint is to raise them until 18 then get a job and become independent?

That’s the point. According to a Japanese psychologist friend, parents in Japan sometimes require their children to stay at hone and look after them, never allowed to move out and live in their own. Apparently they eventually just snap.

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According to a Canadian study on parricide:

A son who kills his mother is usually an unmarried, unambitious young man with an intense relationship with his mother, a feeling of social inferiority, and an absent or passive father. Men who commit matricide feel weak, hopeless, and dependent, and are unable to accept a separate, mature male role. Psychiatric explanations as to why a person might murder his or her parents arise from indications of a high rate of mental illness, primarily depressive or psychotic disorders. Parricide by daughters is much less common.

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According to a Canadian study on parricide:

The study seems to describe the mental state of an abused child.

I gotta say, whenever I see a child doing something heinous, I just see a dysfunctional parent at the core.

Very very rarely frontal lobe damage or a genetic pre disposition.

Either way, it’s always environmental factors that produce the result.

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The problem with ascribing certain conditions to local 'nurture' (parents) is that the State drives more of the conditioning of a Human child than the parent does. The child is formed in a 'milieu', a cocoon of perceptions and implanted behavioral controls ('values') which typically differ little from the milieu which formed the parent. The State makes sure of this. So, if we hold the parent responsible for the development of the child, do we hold the parents' parents responsible also, and THEIR parents...? And, if we observe this as a repetitive behavior in the group, we must then look to the milieu for clues as to what might build a personality structure in unrelated individuals which could produce such deviant common behaviors. All behaviors in a 'society' arise out of the contents of that society's 'culture', OR out of systemic 'organic' issues of chemical and/or physical abnormalities in the individual brain, or a combination of both. Here, with the data we have, we can only wonder what destroyed these peoples' lives...and hope we never really find out personally...Requiescat in pace to Mom, whatever her role here. And son? How hard it is to be a Human sometimes...even to see how lucky we ourselves might be, up to now, in comparison...his life is over also. And we are left to wonder and to mourn all of the other poor people we know live in similar situations and 'pray' they do not come to similar ends...

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ugh .... AGAIN.

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The poor fellow must have simply snapped and immediately regretted his actions if he reported himself to the police.

All he actually did was to hasten the inevitable. No need for a long sentence which will cost the taxpayers.

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Cold blooded murder.


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