Man arrested for string of convenience store robberies


A man who was wanted by police for a string of convenience store robberies in Tokyo has been arrested following a three-month manhunt, police said Thursday.

The man, who has been named as 30-year-old Naoki Imaoka, is accused of stealing 77,000 yen from a Chiyoda Ward convenience store in May. He was caught on security cameras committing two other robberies within the metropolitan area, TV Asahi reported.

Police last week released images taken from the CCTV footage of each robbery. Staff at a manga cafe offered police the information they needed to apprehend Imaoka.

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The long arm of the Lawson. That's right, I said it.

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It was only a matter of time. In each robbery he got more and more demanding. It would have been a matter of time before he would have resorted to violence so his apprehension probably saved a life or more. Thank God he is out of the picture and in custody.

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Manga-man saves the day, once again (I wonder whether that other comic book cafe guy has been given his reward yet ?)

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Japanese thieves and lowlifes absolutely have to stop lounging around in public places. Want to get away with it? Do the crime, get out of there, and stay away. Don't stop for ramen, don't count your wad of 10,000 yen bills in front of the train station camera, don't go return to the scene of the crime 25 minutes later, don't walk into the koban and confess... and for goodness sake, don't stop to read manga.

Really, it isn't that difficult.

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