Man arrested in 1st cycling 'road rage' case under new law


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Never thought cycling road rage would exist. Would this person be no longer allowed to ride a bike and just commute or walk instead? In my experience, there's a lot of jerk cyclists, especially in cities that ride their bikes as if they're bosozoku.

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Sounds like the guy was at least riding in the road, which is where the law requires cyclists to be, instead of on the sidewalk.

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Another mental case.

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Disregarding a lot of "jerk cyclists" in various, unspecified cities, and focusing on the man arrested for cycling road rage; he clearly is mentally and/or emotionally unstable. TV footage broadcast repeatedly has shown that he is a nuisance on public streets. The fact that he happened to be riding a bicycle is extraneous--he could potentially have caused greater damage if he had been operating a motor vehicle.

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dude has issues, better a bike than a car. Hope he gets over himself.

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In video of him, he is in the road and keeps crossing the center line in front of oncoming cars, before swerving away at the last moment. There was an old yakuza move where they would cause accidents for extortion purposes, usually by sudden braking to get people to ram them, and it looks like he's trying to manufacture some kind of conflict in a similar way.

The guy clearly has major issues and as 3RENSHO points out, is not representative of cycling or cyclists.

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And the loose nit prize of the day goes to.... hold on it’s only 7am

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Everything about him is repugnant.

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Now if the cops would PLEASE get after the idiots who drive crazy on their little 50cc scooter!

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while most people are at work or doing something productive there are always morons who are jobless looking for attention

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I'm a cyclist, a train rider and a motorist.

If this guy did (what he was doing on the video) near me, I'd be tempted to have words.

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Total waste of space this guy is a complete stain of dribble.

Probably a former truck driver from the Tomei or Chuo ............

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Saw the video - the guy was swerving across the dividing line in front of cars, then returning back. Probably scared a lot of drivers, who luckily did not in turn swerve out of his path and go on to the pedestrian walkways.

Drive recorders - your new best friend here; if you can find a police officer who is interested in the video!

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Watching that video. It's a insult to use the word "cyclist". He is an A hole on a bicycle. Recidivist offender? Give a week of jail. If he does it again, Give him a month. I feel sorry for the driver that eventually hits him; its a matter of time, perhaps it will be a speeding dump truck.

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I'm from the US, but if you wanna see some real Canadian road rage, check this out

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Cycling road rage, great just what the roads need a biker with a complex. Like the con bikers are not enough to deal with now this?

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If these wanna be daredevils are looking for a challenge, why don't or didn't they join the JETI, they are hiring.

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Years ago, I blew the horn at a guy who had swerved in front of me suddenly, nearly causing him to get killed, and yelled at him to be careful. He attacked my car at the next stoplight. He was in no shape to pedal away when our subsequent conversation ended.

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Really ??!!, That loser needs a mental institution..

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A serial cycling nutter!

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dude has issues, better a bike than a car. Hope he gets over himself.

This video here also has footage of the road rage incident where he attacked the old guy :

I hope they really throw the book at this guy, in addition to attacking the old guy he deliberately tried to cause several motor vehicle accidents that could have resulted in people getting seriously injured or killed. Fortunately there is a massive amount of very clear video evidence of his crimes.

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As I cyclist I can understand the frustration and sometimes rage at the absolutely pathetic driving in many cases here, and negligent driving in many more, but acting in such a manner makes you just as bad as they are, and it’s good he’s being made an example.

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Guy is a cycopath

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Guy is a cycopath

I laughed :)

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I was standing on the sidewalk last year and talking on my phone when one of these guys in a carbon racing bike hurled into me and knocked me down.

If that wasn’t bad enough, after that he hurled insults at me that I need to watch where I was walking (on the sidewalk). And I wasn’t even walking, I was standing.

I was furious.

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Wow. Watched that video. That goof is lucky to be ONE PIECE .

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Install a simple driving license system for bicyclists. Handing out the rules or a little test and then that paper is given out. You can even note the specific number of the bicycle into it, for avoiding thefts and such rude driving or even to have an address or insurance information if there’s an accident or someone hurt otherwise. It’s that easy, good that I taught you how to avoid any future problems in some

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When I lived in the UK, car drivers boasted about cutting off or knocking over cyclists.

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Install a simple driving license system for bicyclists. Handing out the rules or a little test and then that paper is given out.

Brilliant idea. If only the insane guy trying to deliberately drive cars off the road had been given a copy of the rules and a little test he would have known not to do that.

You can even note the specific number of the bicycle into it, for avoiding thefts and such rude driving or even to have an address or insurance information if there’s an accident or someone hurt otherwise. 

This system already exists, as pretty much everyone who lives in Japan knows.

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Pathetic japan has few cycle ways, and cars are everywhere.

If a kid on a bicycle gets hit by a car it's always the kids fault

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Fukuoka has some of the most obnoxious cyclists anywhere in Japan, can’t even count the near misses I had in one month. It’s just crazy, people just don’t care. It’s just frustrating that they have the right of way and you have to yield wherever they move along the road.

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Hopefully he’ll get the proper medications and/or counseling after spending a few months in jail.

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Another jerk in the news. A serial road rage jerk on a bike. No shortage of either in Japan, nor in the world for that matter.

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I regularly stop to allow cyclists right of way, in a one way, even when they cycle against the flow of traffic.

I do this to prevent accidents.

When the police enforce the laws of Japan then

there might be a change, might be....

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I came across a nutter tonight, trying to entice me into an argument. Just be polite, civil and be on your way - ignore them.

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That said, Drivers need to be held to account, I was blocked twice this morning, by cars/trucks simply seeing I was the only nearby traffic, and coming driving immediately out in front of me to cross the road boundary, but then simply stopping in the middle waiting for oncoming traffic on the other side.... one even did so in front of a Traffic Cop without any whistle blowing!!!!

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The video clip posted by rainyday is a good case of a classic nutter who needs dealing with. He's a danger to all persons - other Cyclists, Vehicles and Pedestrians alike. He needs correction attention.

However, expressing anger at a lousy driver should not result in arrest. I really dislike the careless rich kids driving around with their girls partying and trying to impress and not caring about other road users.... one in an open top, pulled out right across my path forcing me to slam the brakes, I have the benefit of a loud voice ... that drew a lot of attention to the situation, his back seat party Girls were somewhat embarrassed then and sunk down into their seats... they should choose a better BF otherwise they may end up as another statistic...

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@kurisupisu - +1 for your honorable behaviour towards Cyclist, you must clearly be very Patient.

A question for you, which side do you give way to ? Left or Right ?

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