Man arrested over attempted murder of cousin


Police in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, have arrested a 34-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of attempting to kill his 32-year-old cousin.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 2 a.m. Sunday, Kyodo News reported. Police said the suspect, Yoshiharu Nishioka, is accused of stabbing his cousin in the face and neck.

A neighbor heard screams and called 110. The victim was taken to hospital where he remains unconscious, police said Sunday afternoon.

Police said Nishioka told them he had been drinking with his cousin at his (the cousin’s) apartment when they got into an argument. Nishioka has admitted to stabbing his cousin, police said.

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Model citizen…..

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These familial and friend stabbings always seem to occur after drinking.

As the old saying goes: A couple of guys drinking will start a fight. A couple of guys smoking weed will start a band.

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Charming character. When the drink is in the wits are out!

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Nasty. I hope the injured person makes a recovery....

I wonder, though - are both involved any sort of organized crime group ?

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There is no bloody excuse for any stabbing.

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