Man arrested over body found in minivan at used car dealership


Police in Tokyo said Saturday they have arrested a 42-year-old man on suspicion of murder after the body of a man was found wrapped in a sheet inside a minivan in a used car dealership in Adachi Ward on Thursday.

According to police, the suspect, Norifumi Kosuge, a resident of Saitama Prefecture, works at the dealership and the victim is believed to be his cousin who also managed the dealership, Fuji TV reported. The manager had not been heard from since Aug 23, police said.

On Thursday, Kosuge phoned an acquaintance and said he had killed his cousin. The acquaintance contacted police.

Police went to the used car lot and found the body, badly decomposed, wrapped in a sheet, in the back of a minivan.

Kosuge has admitted to killing his cousin and said they had an argument over his taking holidays. Police quoted him as saying he lost his temper and beat his cousin to death at around 8 p.m. on Aug 23, then panicked and hid the body.

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To my calculations thats about 17-18 days that this body has been in the back of the mini van, that must have stunk!! I've smelt a pack of sausages that had gone off, and that was putrid, let alown a body. how come no one smelled it?

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Yes, killing your cousin over a annual leave request is valid. This is a mitigating circumstance surely.

Um...maybe no.

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Well Einstein he now has forever off.

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Kosuge has admitted to killing his cousin and said they had an argument over his taking holidays.

Over who taking holidays? This sentence is ambiguous, and could refer to either of the men.

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Never work with your family!

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There was more to this than anger over vacations.

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KILLING is never right. No matter the reasons.

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Hope employers of black companies learn something from this incident.

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I really don't understand why people get the ache so badly about holidays in this country.

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Lots of loss of temper recently

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He wanted holidays, someone said no, and someone got angry and beat someone to death......does life hold any meaning anymore?

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